Business stalls in the Wedding Industry | POLL: Will weddings Return after next election?

By Paul Pannone

A growing number of reports say the wedding business is negatively affected by the sluggish economy and a host of other changes in the wedding business dating back to the economic collapse in 2008. The job market recovery shows a topical rebound but deeper digging shows job creation and return to where we started is hardly a triumph, as population numbers increase and the creation or jobs that pay less are not real cause for celebration.

“Getting back to square one isn’t much to celebrate, however. There are more than 6 million more working-age Americans today than when the recession began. Adjusting for population growth, we’re still millions of jobs short of where we were 6½ years ago — and have seen hardly any jobs recovery” according to Ben Casselman,  chief economics writer at Five Thirty.

Discussions by senior members of the Wedding Water Cooler Group agree there is a major slowdown in deals and decisions within the wedding business. Deals that used to close in thirty days now take months, revisiting the same topics and details endlessly, with no guarantee they’ll ever be completed.


Studies, discussions and information shows the uncertainty of today’s economic landscape is at the heart of why a once robust wedding business is suffering.

Discussion comments include, “General business is difficult to close even under normal circumstances. I’ve been sitting on a deal for six months.  They’ve agreed to buy but haven’t yet signed a contract.  I’ve learned the hard way that it means nothing without a signed contract from these big guys. A $250,000 deal isn’t big for them but it’s huge for us,” said one member.

Others in travel say it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a commitment without several meetings and endless follow-up. Retailers point fingers at manufacturers who are not coming up with innovating styles or products that connect with consumers.

In some pockets of the market improvements are shown in more educated segments. A census study by PEW earlier this year showed an increase in marriages among more educated couples leading members of the Wedding Water Cooler group to conclude better education leads to better jobs and more stability, creating an environment where traditional values become attainable.

But when asked what they feel the true underlying reasons are for the majority of troubles most say it’s the current lack of trust and confidence in the current administration’s ability to gather enough support to lift the country out of the malaise and restore confidence growth in the necessary way for a meaningful, long-term recovery for the entire wedding industry

Members of the Water Cooler say the real issue that matters is how confident couples are in getting married. Reports that say the rest of 2014 is not good add little hope to business decisions that would improve confidence, as a rule, not pocket exceptions.





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Efforts by Steve Lang secures restraining orders backed by US Senate legislative members

By Paul Pannone

Ongoing investigation and story coverage shows growing traction in the fight against online piracy and threat against wedding gown manufacturers who have lost millions of dollars in revenue to knock off items made in other countries. The efforts of industry leader, Steve Lang, has long risen above the narrow-minded, limited ability of wedding industry sources who’ve not helped in the efforts but have actually tried to hinder Lang’s fight. But recent events and ongoing record of success could be turning some pundits around. eWedNewz continues our investigation and will report the findings.

The most recent update given by the ABPIA reads as follows:

Update on status of the ABPIA’s anti-piracy campaign:

The ABPIA has been active at the state and federal level, successfully obtaining restraining orders, working with state attorneys general, and meeting with US Senate legislative members.

Its most dramatic impact has been with the Federal Court as the ABPIA has received temporary restraining orders against approximately 1500 counterfeit websites.

These orders have allowed ABPIA to freeze funds in numerous PayPal accounts, and supports the association’s demand that service providers take down offending domains.

An additional 1500 counterfeit sites will be submitted to the court over the next several months.

On the state level, ABPIA has been working to educate the New Jersey state attorney general’s office to help in their understanding of the threat posed by counterfeiters, and will soon be in contact with other state AGs to raise the visibility of this issue across the country.

Most recently, the ABPIA leaders and legal counsel traveled to Washington and met with Senator Robert Menendez, influential chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee dealing with international relations. Menendez’s position and committee are the third most powerful entity in this category, ranking just below the Secretary of State and President of the US.

Future meetings are calendared and will focus on well conceived strategies the federal government can undertake to be more active and aggressive in fighting counterfeiting.

In addition to these steps, the ABPIA has issued a call to manufacturers, retailers, reps and media to provide details of consumers who have fallen victim to misleading websites and purchases.

Visit for details and reporting forms.

Senator Bob Menendez, mentioned in the ABPIA release, has reportedly been very sympathetic to the fight of American manufacturers against offshore piracy.

“Bob understands the problem and is at least willing to listen to our concerns,” according to Lang.

But the fight is far from over admits Lang. Not everyone has been as easy to work with or willing to help. But Lang and other supporting manufacturers say they’re hopeful for a favorable outcome, as long as they can continue to keep the story alive and the winning advances against the pirates coming.

Robert_MenendezBob Menendez’s story is a quintessential American story. He grew up the son of immigrants in a tenement building in Union City, New Jersey and has risen to become one of 100 United States Senators. He has earned the reputation of a fighter who puts economic security and security ahead of powerful special interests.


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