Martha’s move quietly draws interest of other traditional advertisers

By Paul Pannone

After announcing  Meredith Corp. will be taking over the business operation of Martha Stewart Living through a 10-year licensing agreement, competitors of Martha Stewart quietly agree the move is the right business move, given the growing struggle to attract advertising support for print pages. Stewart’s deal will relinquish  non-editorial functions of the brand including ad sales, marketing, circulation, distribution and production leaving full attention and focus on content creation– the area where most agree Stewart excels.


Once again Martha Stewart finds her own fresh, new way of approach boring but necessary tasks.

The move strikes a nerve with competitors and sources close to the print business who admit they’re struggling to draw ad pages in this digital age. Less magazine sources are willing to argue the struggles they face, as the news of the digital takeover  spreads and becomes generally accepted. Many are learning  howto integrate digital resources into their advertising packages, hoping to entice lost advertisers back the value provided by their digital reach.

So far, none are willing to go on record or give details that would tip off other competitors until they’ve had time to think about how they’ll approach Stewart’s move in their own business. Moreover, some say they will be tracking the success of the move “for some time” before taking any steps in their own business.

We too will be watching the success and report the findings.


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American Bridal and Prom Industry Association (ABPIA) deploys a four prong approach to fight counterfeiting

By Paul Pannone

Ongoing coverage of a story eWedNewz has followed since 2012 involving the fight against online counterfeiting has reportedly hit another plateau, as New Jersey Senator,  Robert Menendez assured the head of ABPIA, Stephen Lang added support to  the fight that’s cost the wedding dress business millions of dollars in lost revenue.

In a statement issued by the ABPIA organization to this newZ source over the weekend, the following was said:

Dear Paul,
The American Bridal and Prom Industry Association, the ABPIA, has deployed a four prong approach to fight counterfeiting:

1. Federal Court Actions- we have over 1500 sites subject to federal court orders to cease utilizing the intellectual property of legitimate manufacturers including their images and brand names. The injunctions issues demand that the website  service providers take down the sites and to remove the offending domains. Funds held in PayPal accounts and other accounts have been frozen. Ultimately we will petition the courts to remit these funds to the ABPIA. We estimate that an extra 1000  illegal sites will be submitted to the courts for similar action.

2. Education-  we are utilizing all forms of media to caution consumers. The NJ Attorney General has just issued a consumer alert and we are now reaching out to attorneys general in other states.  Industry news outlets and magazines are aiding in this consumer awareness blitz.  Our public relations and lobbyist firms will continue this effort with increasingly diligent approaches

3. Legislation- witness the involvement of Senator Robert Menendez in the recent TV and Radio interviews, we have impressed upon the senator the importance of stopping the flow of illegal counterfeit products entering not only the formal wear industry, but in all industries in this country. The USA loses almost 2 billion dollars of commerce to counterfeiters each year. But this is not the full extent of the loss. Lost taxes, duties, wages, jobs are the collateral damage caused by illegal products entering the country. Add to that consumer disappointment and credit card fraud and you have even a larger field of damage.

The bridal and prom industry is losing $30 million per month to these pirates and will be stopped.

Senator Menendez has committed to hold hearings with the Heads of the Department of Justice, with United States Customs and with other agencies within the federal government to stem the flow of illegal counterfeits .  He has already written to the White House Committee on Intellectual Property Protection and other agencies.  As head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he is the third most powerful man in Washington in terms of foreign affairs behind the President  and the Secretary of State .  He is impressing upon heads of state that visit here or  he visits abroad that this is an issue that will be dealt with on his watch.

The senator has committed to work across the isle to get legislation enacted to protect our formal wear industry and all industries affected by counterfeiting.   He will also meet with other members of the “food chain” that participate in facilitating these products from reaching our shores and major search engines are one such area of concern.

4. Technology –  the ABPIA has invested in technology that will automatically file DMCA takedown notices with Google. My company, Mon Cheri, was used for beta testing of the technology and in two weeks 20,000 images of my products were pulled down off the net. This tech bot scours the net 24/7 and automatically files takedown notices without human interaction .   The ABPIA has negotiated the unheard of price of $1000 per manufacturer per year for this service when the fees should be $25,000 and up per company.  The ABPIA has the sole license to use this product and any manufacturers that wish to use the technology can contact me at or contact me at 609 406 0138 to discuss this incredible tool.

The combination of technology and legislation will make us the victors in this fight.  However, all parties need to join us in the ABPIA.  We need to be heard and accounted for . The only way to do that is to be a member and help us demonstrate the political clout we possess. There is always strength in numbers

Don’t sit on the sidelines and leave this fight to others. If you do not act you are helping the enemy….the counterfeiters that want to steal your business

Steve Lang

The call goes out to every member of the wedding business to support the efforts by spreading the information and joining the activities of the ABPIA.


We will continue to investigate and report the findings to you, our valued industry members, consumers and everyone with an interest in this story and well being of the wedding business.

If you have questions or concerns contact us at or 516-312-0090.



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