Mon Cheri Celebrates 20-years of Business, as a Family

By Paul Pannone

Mon Cheri employees partied into the night celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary at  the Elkins Estate, located just outside the northern border of Philadelphia. The mansion exudes gilded age sophistication combined with historic charm and modern amenities with a backdrop of striking views of the 42 acre grounds.

Invited guests came from near and far to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of Mon Cheri.

“Can you believe this place was once a convent?” asked some of the guests. The magnificent building, bought in the early 1930’s by the order of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci, operated as a convent and women’s retreat for 75 year until sold again in 2008.

Led by Steve Lang, the Mon Cheri “family” could have held their celebration in a barn, it would not matter. From a close, insider view, the company continues to grow in one of the most challenging economic times in world history. In an eWedNewz exclusive,Lang said he expects one of his biggest shipping year in history.

“With everything that’s happening, we are up 20%, year-ver-year, and are on track to keep building on that momentum; we could be up 30% by year-end,” according to Lang.

Lang is very proud of his accomplishments but told eWedNewz and a gathering og 150 people,”I am honored to be among each and every one of you. You’re the reason for success; each in your own way contribute to the success of the company.”

Since we began covering the story from a marketing standpoint, we’ve discovered that Lang has managed to foster a work environment build on human respect and decency. Loathed by his competitors– rightfully so; but there is no doubt, Steve Lang is loved by the members of his staff he calls brothers and sisters.

In a 22 minute speech, Lang thanked every segment of his company, from the highest executives, managers, staff members, assistants– to the newest, entry-level worker. In fact, Lang spent the most time praising the “people in the back that make us look great.”

“You’re the ones that we worry about this time of the year; it’s hot back there. We see you freezing to receive in goods and turn them around to get them to our customers. We value each and every one of you, first as friends and extended-family members, then as employees of the company,” said Lang.

“I’m shocked to see so many people travel such great distances to be with us this evening. I’m humbled by the loyalty and friendship I’m shown here this evening,” said Lang. 

Retailers like  Patrice Alberty of Catan’s in Ohio appreciates Lang’s no-nonsense approach to business. Alberty joins other retailers that deal with Mon Cheri, identifying themselves as direct, honest and truthful. Other notables in attendance included Jim Duhe and Peter Grimes of VOWS magazine.

At the event, eWedNewz learned of major news events in store for the wedding business. eWedNewz will announce the information here first, as confirmation and further details become available.


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