The Situation and FLOW Deal Makes National News

By Paul Pannone

The announcement about the “Situation” and FLOW Formal went viral this week when the “Sitch” himself talked about the deal on his Face Book page. Sorrentino finds formal wear exciting, fresh and new leaving behind the stuffiness of the past. In an eWedNewz exclusive, the Situation said:

 “I’m so excited to have my line of trendy formal wear called “The Situation“. It’s great to be working with a great company like FLOW”

TMZ - today’s version of news that morphs current events and entertainment – picked up the story, giving tuxedos national exposure; exactly the demographic that would wear Situation tuxedos.

“This is what we hoped for; getting tuxedos in front of a new generation and thinking beyond the confines of what opinions feel it (tuxedos) should be,” according to Brian Weintraub of FLOW.

Picking up on the viral feed are fans of the FLOW, the Situation, Jersey Shore, tuxedos, etc., that raises awareness for the product. Blogger Heather Sconza understands the strategy behind the move writing:

“FLOW Formal Alliance, who is a license holder for other lines such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, is looking to keep things fresh and young. Not only have they recognized Sitch’s face, but they have signed it (and his body) to their line.”


 Coverage in all news feeds makes the 2012 launch of the Situation line of tuxedos the biggest since the 2004 release of Ecko tuxedos. The difference is the Situation merchandise will rent in stores because of its clean design, simple elegance and affordable pricing.




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