Regis Retires from Live! but will Always Look Great in a Tux

By Paul Pannone

Regis Philbin held back tears on his last show leaving behind Kelly Ripa to carry on the traditional morning fun that millions of views have come to expect. Some  of my fondest memories with the show include asking Kelly to get me some coffee– I didn’t recognize her without her make up– or pulling the tape measure too tight around Reege’s neck.

Since 2000 the family tuxedo business and its employees have been involved with making sure the cast and some of the guests looked great in formal wear but the relationship went deeper. Some members of the family were called on to make sure the bride wasn’t stressing before live weddings or to spruce up the flowers.

Two Italian girls, Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Galletta, hanging out after a hard day of making online wedding couples look great. Since 2000, Jennifer and 1888mytuxes supplied fine formal wear to the Live! with Regis and Kelly Show.


“It was one big family feeling doing the show and I will always look back on the fun times we had. I always enjoyed hanging out with the stars but Kelly and I always had the most fun,” said Jennifer Galletta of 1888mytuxes.


Good luck Mr. Philbin, you will always be remembered looking great in a tuxedo!





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