FLOW Formal Tapped to Manufacture Products for Two Big deals


By Paul Pannone

The two biggest buyers of formal wear business selected FLOW Formal to manufacture private label programs with top fashion gown manufacturers, Vera Wang and Tony Bowls. The  two separate licensing arrangement between Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse and Tony Bowls, Jim’s Formalwear required a manufacture with the wherewithal and financial ability to produce and deliver massive quantities of products in a very tight delivery window.

eWedNewz discovered FLOW Formal is one of the few suppliers that could handle the deals because of their worldwide production and strong financial ability to offer the upfront cost of materials, labor and shipping requirements.


eWedNewz watches FLOW’s continued to grow in the diminishing formal wear business, supplying formal wear under the Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Joseph Abboud labels to the open-market trade.



The shift from generic, fictitious products towards recognized, better branded goods is what prompted the licensing deals, raising the ceiling on margins for store owners that have not kept up with updating merchandise in the wake of a faltering economy.

In 2010 the tuxedo manufacturer diversified its lineup of products, launching innovative styling under the TV Celebrity endorsement of “The Situation”. The collaboration leverages millions of his followers on television and online, now aware of FLOW manufactured products bearing his name.

The company continues to offer tuxedo basics under their Lord West brand, acquired when Formal One merged with Lord West in 2006 to form “Formal Lord One West”, aka, FLOW. The merger continues to offer better formal wear retailers in the tuxedo trade with quality products under world-class names.

FLOW continues to refine its systems, investing a significant amount of resources to better manufacturing, production and promotion of men’s rental and retail tuxedos and accessories. A growing presence on the internet includes social media and a planned re-launch of their company website, www.tuxedos.com , slated for early spring, 2012.

The owner and management at FLOW declined to comment on the specifics of the deal.

eWedNewz continues our coverage of the early 2012 launch and success of both deals.




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  1. Although I’m not a proponent
    of anyone aiding and abiding Jim’s or MW into further demolition of our trade,
    if a company had to do it, I’m glad Weintraub’s got the deal. They deserve to
    get the big deal. At least it makes up for all the little guys who are missing
    an opportunity to support the Weintraub’s effort to uphold the small guys. Some
    of us tux shop operators see the light. I am making my first foray into
    in-stock. I will have an advantage over my competitors across town still
    deceitfully renting Pierre Cardin and other ancient and decrepit 10-30 year old
    tuxes expired labels. I will have new goods top name designers better quality
    goods to offer. I also have an advantage on the big box stores because I offer
    everything that everyone else cannot. I’m owner operator, I’m in-stock and I’m
    backed up by two major wholesalers. I have the power of a big chain with
    personal touch of your home town in-stock tuxedo shop. We’d all have rather MW
    never went into to crush market share or it was congruent to their operation
    and we especially wish that Jim’s hadn’t sold out to aiding Jos. A. Banks but
    the reality is just that reality. The sick, lame, lazy and myopic will create
    their own demise making room or giving share to the strong, able, healthy,
    eager and insightful.

    Anthony Commisso, Tuxego Albany NY area


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