IBMA Board in a Huff; President Hides out


By Paul Pannone

An eWedNewz story about by the The International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IBMA) sent board members scrambling, unable (or unwilling) to discuss some of the questions posed by critics and ex-members of past attempts to unite bridal gown manufacturers. Discussions with several of the board members seemed uneasy with information given by critics involving  the motives behind the new group.


Alan Dessy critics doubt his motives for heading up the new IBMA launch. So far, Dessy is ducking questions.


The negativity targets president, Alan Dessy, questioning his motives in accepting the role of President in the first place. Those that dislike Dessy accuse him of using the group to feather his own nest and to gather acceptance for projects they feel are disruptive to the business. Some say the practice of giving away free samples is impossible to compete with; others gave personal reasons why they feel Dessy is suspect as head of the group. Board members refute the allegations saying Dessy stepped up to assume the role as president because no one else wanted to.

A cross-section of critics composed of competition, retailers and advertisers allege the group is nothing more than a clever way to mask a bully pulpit for more unfair advantages, reportedly contrived by Dessy.

In standard practice eWedNewz reached out to Dessy for an interview but was instead contacted by board members expressing displeasure with the coverage– but gave no reason they were unhappy.

Sources familiar with the story say they gave up association with past attempts to organize the group, citing poor business management and improper handling of collected funds. Past presidents and board members also side-stepped requests to discuss the financial matters.


eWedNewz plans to step up the investigation and report the findings, as they happen.


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