Martha Stewart Gets Out of the Wedding Website Business in a Nick of Time


By Paul Pannone


In a turn of events that are almost fictional Martha Stewart’s genius showed through on her decision to dump Wedding Wire to a team of investors that can’t see past the numbers. From experience current numbers and data are merely a guide to the future, not the definitive predictor of what is to come. Had Catalyst done their due diligence and consulted with anti-fairy dust wedding experts they may have saved themselves some heartache for the future.

According to David Fuhrer wedding websites are dead. Says Fuhrer, wedding websites as a business are unsustainable; they are simply a tool and part of a good business.

Fuhrer announced his findings in 2010 and departed the business to pursue another career outside the wedding industry. But before doing so he blew the whistle on wedding websites, causing investors that had sunk millions into getting fashionable-minded websites to gain traction, to pull funding and cut their losses.

Like The Knot, Wedding Wire faces the same competition in the wedding business– plus the fact the wedding market is shrinking. But the Knot, unlike Wedding Wire, has not found a buyer for their (share of the) business. Martha Stewart sold her stake in Wedding Wire in a nick of time and for a tidy profit.


Crazy as a bedbug or smarter than a fox? Samantha Goldberg critics find it hard to believe she went public against Wedding Wire just as Martha Stewart bailed out.



Disgruntled Wedding Celebrity Planner, Samantha Goldberg, called out Wedding Wire and other directory listing websites for their unfair practices against vendors. The story rocketed to the top of the NewZ gathering statements from wedding professionals around the country.

Dorinda Duclos of New Jersey commented,” Several of us have been discussing these issues since it happened to another colleague not long ago.  Samantha is not alone in this, as she already knows.  I’ve always questioned Wedding Wire’s ethics.  Anyone can leave a review as long as they say they contracted with you.  It’s very easy for me to go in, as someone else,  and leave a review for any vendor, positive or negative.  Wedding Wire will not aide in the removal of false reviews.  Instead they tell you, if you can get a hold of them, that they will look into it….never to hear from them again (unless you get your attorney involved).  They have no trouble asking you to renew your contract or sending numerous emails reminding you it’s time to get “new reviews” to get Wedding Wire Rated.  But what exactly does that mean??  Thanks for bringing this out to the public.  Interested in seeing what else you can “dig up”.

In active discussions in the Wedding Water Cooler Goldberg concurred with Wedding website Whistle-blower David Fuhrer by saying,

“The event community has been through significant changes in the last 3+ years. We’ve learned much about lead systems, advertising means and various forms of support from the so called “reputable” sites that promise us the ability to share feedback constructively. Today we are more aware and are selective with which sites will prove to support customer service in a fair manner.  I wonder what type of person or department, if applicable, is even trained or old enough to know the truth from an opinion.

Let’s stick together and allow the long haul of each vendor (at least a chance). Wedding advertising sites are NOT gaining momentum, they are losing. This reason alone is a major one; not to mention the ones that suggested after their termination and destruction of such sites that their leads don’t work.  If you had the ability to change the sites to work with ethical standards which ones would you change first?”

On a smaller scale than the sell-off of Wedding Wire and consolidation of the Knot, the failure of Get Married forever  changed how wedding advertising and marketing is conducted. Support of wedding websites with hard dollars will continue to decline.

eWedNewz exposed Get Married, the antics of their owners and management that now wish to dismiss the past and reinvent their career by repackaging the same old crap that no longer works.


eWedNewz continues our investigation into all things wedding and welcomes your thoughts.




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