Samantha Goldberg Gives Wedding Wire an Ultimatum

By Paul Pannone


An explosive story involving a single bad review against Celebrity Wedding Personality, Samantha Goldberg, on Wedding Wire could reshape the way reviews are written, accepted and moderated. A review written by a disgruntled bride led to a voluminous exchange of emails and a reply written by Goldberg, assisted by her legal team that was canned by some of her critics.

According to Goldberg it’s not just about the bad review.

“This is for all the vendors in my life that have been wrongly accused of things they never did. These are good people that work hard all their lives, only to be judged by just a few sentences that does not give the whole picture and are damaging. To add insult to injury the proper checkpoints and means to refute the allegations are sorely lacking,” according to Goldberg.

But a few sentences are not in Goldberg’s vocabulary; ask Wedding Wire customer service head Brendan McClellan. After eWedNewz broke the story, Sonny Ganguly finally responded to multiple requests and gave Customer Service head, McClellan the task of dealing with Goldberg’s grievance. Since, lengthy, cumbersome and sometimes irritating discussions, posts and email responses ensued.

Onlookers following the story  say Goldberg is over the top. Most feel Goldberg should take the single bad review on a curve– along with over twenty stellar reviews– and let the public decide. Friends and foe alike say anyone with intelligence will see the picture and come up with a favorable conclusion for Goldberg’s reputation and services.

But Goldberg’s stand is firm. In the latest email to Brandon at Wedding Wire, she’s given them until Friday to grant her wish.

“If I do not receive a response by Friday of this week, I will be forced to take action to protect myself from the defamatory nature of the post which is now a much bigger issue due to whom you spoke with and falsely advertised “complaint” activity that you are now a part of.”

In her email Goldberg gives no specifics of her intent of action but does accuse Wedding Wire of more changes made to the public exchange on her profile.


Onlookers compare Samantha Goldberg’s lengthy emails to Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.


Martha Stewart dumped her 40% stake in Wedding Wire last week leaving new owners, Catalyst, to mop up this Public relation nightmare.

eWedNewz continues our investigation and coverage into this story and were in contact with the new owners of the company for balancing statements.



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  1. Sadly, I am guilty of the long emails. BUT, The emails contain vital information to further prove the post in this particular situation to be more than just incorrect. I could waste time thinking about why or if a client or vendor likes me. The facts given make the difference.

    In this particular situation, I sent over 20 emails worth of PROOF…I now have counted over 800+ emails on-top of the 20 (sample pages worth)…I will continue to share them until this issue resolves itself. I am not the only one who had communication with this client during her stay with my business.

    How could a planner/designer or even bride stay and do NADA..until just weeks before someone’s wedding? It’s not only a ridiculous accusation, but not generally what one such as myself being in the pubic eye for the right reasons would ever do…I hope while some of my critics see this, you also keep in mind, you have been where I am at…So instead of making up stories or commenting… fight for what is right practice is also for you…YOU…the one who doesn’t care to work with me…

    Let’s be clear, I will never insult, lie or steal (not without purpose). I will never allow for something I have worked hard to achieve to get thrown under the bus either. I will not be walking away from this. One simple reason, it’s not true. While the client might be rolling in a pig pen full of mud, she has forgotten to mention the vendors that saved her THOUSANDS…It’s great when those amazing vendors offered to change programs due to our solid history as friends and business partners. If a “Bad” planner (I’m not a planner), I am a designer…has such a horrid and unethical buisness why wouldn’t all 83 of my clients for (weddings..not other events in 2011) have the opposite review? I bet you did not know they had LESS of a budget that this cookie, her’s was $30,000. So that comment along with over 12 years of my sharing ways to save in support of the “Budget Bride” ever be judged…This young lady found me on TV while desgining a budget wedding…Not to mention over 750 articles with ways to save and where to splurge etc…

    I also have 7 vendor letters stating that I was the one who introduced and negotiated to ensure OUR client was not only happy, but had the best vendors based on her specific budget.

    While many emails have been sent my way, and I thank all of you who have taken the time to share their similar thoughts etc….I am sticking to what is right this time. No threats to sue, no threats in any capacity…I am going to fight this one, as I know their are hundreds of you that have bad reviews that may be worse than mine with NO MERIT…Or PROPER Validation.

    I ask this of all of you..Those who have had issues with this company or others…Please share your experiences…I don’t care if you name yourself bubbles or pink fluff…How can I change this menthod in emails that you have sent me, without valid proof of an issue that occured?

    If we are to make a difference and to say 5 years from now we were ALL responsible for making needed  changes for a REALLY awesome industry. And that it continues to have some of the most talented vendors in the history of our time…still today, you need to speak up…

    Or next Jan 2013…We won’t be having the same convo..Shoulda Coulda Woulda…will be too late…

    Is that what you want? I don’t.

    • FHWeddings says:

      I couldn’t agree more!  I am ecstatic that someone is
      stepping in to speak up for all the vendors who want to uphold their reputation
      against wrong accusations.  Vendors have
      very little say in disputing a clients wrongful claims.  The client has way more say then the vendor which
      is WRONG.   I support you Samantha and I know lots of other
      top vendors that will as well! 


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