Wedding Websites Beg For Business


By Paul Pannone


The world of Wedding Websites continues to evolve, adapting to a shrinking wedding market. eWedNewz closely watches the declining wedding vendors willing to pay for advertising because they’ve grown gun-shy in the wake of major newZ in the closing days of 2011. Many vendors are upgrading their visibility online, sprucing up their websites and plugging into social networking to service their local markets, abandoning national websites that could not meet their expectations.

Over a year ago Wedding Website Whistle Blower, David Fuhrer, alerted the world that wedding websites– as a business– are unsustainable. According to Fuhrer, websites are a necessary part of a wedding business, not the business itself. Since, countless articles written fortified the message with no valid disputes offered by any of the major wedding directory website companies. Most remain silent, hoping to stay out of the spotlight.

As expected, the failure of Get Married opened the eyes of many wedding vendors that suspected they weren’t being given value for their advertising support. Die-hard supporters find themselves holding their breath, waiting for refunds promised in a prepared statement when the company folded.

The failure of Get Married opened many other fronts of discussion including probable reasons for their demise. Lavish spending with no real business plan was at the center of the failure coupled with poor performance; delivering insignificant web traffic or value for print ads to advertisers.

Most recently the ongoing coverage of the dispute between Celebrity Planner, Samantha Goldberg and Wedding Wire takes the discussions to another level. Goldberg’s single bad review in the forum shines the light on all wedding websites that bite the hand that feeds them. Wedding vendors that pay money for advertisers are often trashed by consumers; sometimes unjustly.


Since the deterioration and failure of Get Married, wedding vendor advertisers say no website is above suspicion for taking flight in the middle of the night.



At the moment, Goldberg rallies support from a growing list of vendors that say they’ve grown suspect of spending dollars with any of the major portals. Some are contacting this newZ source to express their displeasure with the websites and support Goldberg’s efforts.

DJ Ray in New York writes, “Let me tell you something funny.  Wedalert keeps calling my phone everyday begging me to advertise. In a conversation I recently had with the owner he admitted to the leads on Wedalert being fake!!  Also David’s Bridal continuously calls me telling me to go on their website because they are number one and how they have surpassed the Knot.”

Ray and a multitude of readers after the coverage say they’ve always been suspicious of claims made by wedding website advertisers that are not able to give proof of traffic directed down to company websites. Ex-employees of Get Married are finally picking up on the story eWedNewz broke over a year ago.


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