Situation Tuxedos Sold Out, as Demand Keeps rising


By Paul Pannone

Since FLOW Formal announced they signed the Situation in July, 2011, the debate of whether it was a good or bad move flooded the internet, television and the minds of store-owners torn on whether to support the program– or not. No more worries, as production is to full capacity and sold out for the peak 2012 season.


Demand for 2012 Situation formal wear will exceed manufactured products ordered and shipped to stores.



In an ongoing eWedNewz watch demand at the consumer level for the key coat, the Avalon, continues to rise as we head into peak booking season. Internet searches for Situation tuxedos will boil over by the middle of February when young adults– male and female– start to really think about what they’re wearing for prom and other social events requiring a formal look. Coverage by major news organizations including MTV have talked about Situation tuxedos since the summer.

“The whole idea behind the Situation was marketing; we did our homework with product. This proves what we’ve been saying all along; today’s formal wear user wants style and fashion that belongs to them, not the past generation,” according to Brian Weintraub of FLOW.

Weintraub gave the FLOW sales force last call on cuttings for over-worked factories busy making and shipping all new products for the company. But the real challenge is for millions of consumers looking for 2012 styles and shown outdated merchandise by store owners. eWedNewz continues to watch regional flare ups where store owners pointed fingers at one another for pawning off old, useless (and smelly) garments to consumers, turning them off from renting tuxedos totally.

According to some sources the shortage of new products could be a boon to the business. Stores that bought light runs say they plan to charge a premium and look to wholesalers (companies that stores borrow from) for overflow demand. For wholesalers key styles in the Situation line will turn weekly because of the demand created by the television star.

Images of the Situation are ubiquitous on the Internet; he is often seen wearing and promoting his formal wear products on television interviews. He’s raised awareness for tuxedos for the 2012 season like no advertising campaign could ever do. In short, the promotion (demand) far outweighs stores to order the goods and factories to make and deliver them in such a tight window (supply).

Because of the rising challenges of oversea production apparel manufactures are sticking to cutoff dates and not upsetting buyers by taking orders they know they will never deliver on-time. In formal wear, the requirements are even greater, as all shipments must be received in time for peak season.

According to manufacturing sources companies that rely on Chinese production lose nearly a month of production time due to the country’s New Year celebrations.

FLOW Formal is the maker of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud and other formal wear products.





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  1. I love when a good plan comes together. Excellent job of marketing! Kudos to all!


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