Searches for Vera Wang Tuxedos On the Rise, on the Net


By Paul Pannone

The rise in interest for Vera Wang tuxedos should come as no surprise to anyone. Two powerhouse names combined last year to form the alliance and immediately soared. Since they announced the collaboration between Vera Wang and Men’s Wearhouse in December, 2011, interest continues to grow resulting in the current rise in search results by consumers wanting to know more about the product.


A story by MTV had them eating crow– just a bit– as tuxedos continue to gain acceptance.


An eWedNewz poll shows 57% of respondents feel Vera Wang tuxedos will be successful with 38% disagreeing.

What do you think?


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  1. Interest in Vera Wang tuxedos is growing.  Why?

    Was there some type of divine intervention?  Did an arch angel come down from the sky and suggest that people should search the internet for Vera Wang tuxedos?  Did the compulsion to search for Vera Wang Tuxedos come to people in dream form?

    Maybe you’ve noticed that Vera Wang tuxedo ads now are included in all major national bridal publications.  The campaign is  modest — spreads in each issue.   No retail locations are specified on the ad.  However, readers are directed to go to the Men’s Wearhouse web site.  Interesting.


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