The Wedding Water Cooler’s Hall of Shame


By Paul Pannone

A steady stream of stupidity has the members of the Wedding Water Cooler  considering a Hall of Shame to underscore some of the antics in the wedding business that some say is hitting new levels. As the wedding business slowly recovers from years of decline members of the group say they expect the sprinkling of fairy dust to rise along with the activity. Before this happens some of the members move to take a preëmptive approach before other members of the business waste their time and money on worthless causes.


Members of the Wedding Water Cooler say they’ve had enough fairy dust and reckless behavior in the wedding business.


WWC member, Khalilah Olokunola, announced, “I’m convinced that we need to start a “Hall of Shame” for the Industry. A Place where we put people who ignorantly believe that the price of our hat is the size of our brain. BS comes in all shapes and sizes buts its quadrupled in the event industry.”

Discussions about how the Hall of Shame would work includes giving constructive criticism on why a professional is chastised or inducted. From the start the Coolies have picked apart some of the people of the business– including members of the group– for the roles they played at positions held at other companies.

Coolies are not above criticism.  In 2011, Stacie Francombe joined the Cooler and was savagely, verbally beaten by Samantha Goldberg. Francombe founded Get Married until replaced by Anita Brady as CEO and was later removed from the company. The failure of Get Married was a complicated chain of events that Francombe will always be associated with. Currently she’s lying low, trying to rebuild her career. But the list of wedding marketing scam artists is a long one, according to WWC members.

Goldberg is on a mission to expose what she feels are wrongful practices in many areas of the wedding business. In December, Samantha Goldberg shook the business by taking on Wedding Wire because of a negative report on her profile. Her statements and actions shook the business, sending Wedding Wire into silence where they’ve remained for the first quarter of 2012. Goldberg says she’s not done with them after being shot down. Goldberg did receive strong support and gained followers that criticized the Wedding Wire system, feeling it’s flawed.

The daily discussions in the cooler led by Goldberg pick apart misinformation in a way that would be deemed “unprofessional” by nearly every other forum . Heated discussions and even infighting at the WWC are legendary, as several members resigned without reason. It is highly suspected the ones that took flight didn’t like the questions raised– probably because they have a guilty conscience. Members say the hardest task would be to handle the amount of crooks in the business.

“The list would be huge.  I wouldn’t want the list keeping task.  There should be some way to warn people away from the crooks and incompetents,” according to Jim Duhe.

For the sake of consumers and as good a place to start as any, I would personally move to reward formal wear locations that rent garments that have far exceeded their usefulness a special place in the WWC Hall of Shame.



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