Wedding Water Cooler Hall of Shame could include Bridezillas

By Paul Pannone

Wedding industry scam artists and slick-talking market mouth salespeople beware; the Wedding Water Cooler is on to you. Stepped-up discussions to launch the WWC Hall of Shame rolled ahead, as interest and support from around the country says it’s about time.


The Wedding Water Cooler plans on creating a place where vendors can complain about brides.


Members of the group are working on exactly how induction into the Hall of Shame would work. It’s already been agreed there isn’t a problem finding candidates; the wedding business is overrun with scamsters with a reputation.

According to discussions, the approach won’t be vindictive but rather liberal, giving the vendor ample opportunity to respond to complaints. If the issues are not addressed and the vendor does get the dubious honor of making it into the Hall of Shame, they can always fix the problem and be exonerated.

“This is not about punishing people, this is more of a way to raise the standards and get people’s attention,” according to Jim Duhe.

Duhe and other members of the group said they’re in favor of letting vendors wrongfully accused or mistakenly chastised in other forums to give their side of the story. The discussions, sparked by a suggestion by Anthony Commisso, a tuxedo store owner in Albany, to include consumers– he called them Bridezillas– in the Hall of Shame.

Founding member of the group, Christine Boulton, told eWedNewz, she’s in favor of expanding the Wedding Water Cooler to include the Hall of Shame to vendors and consumers.

“This whole thing could turn out to be a positive for the wedding industry, just to let everyone know a vendor/customer relationship has to work both ways,” she feels.

Boulton assured eWNz the Hall of Shame will run with the utmost respect and attention.

What do you think of the Wedding Water Cooler Hall of Shame?


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