Lang to get Chinese Pirate Website Issues to Political Figures

By Paul Pannone

Steve Lang continues to roll with his campaign to fight off web pirates, regardless of attempted side tracks and distractions from other industry figures. Lang was in Chicago this week speaking to supporters, collecting funding for the fight and providing valuable insight to an industry. Because of Lang’s efforts the wedding dress business has a clear, concise path towards success.

Steve Lang and a growing number of wedding industry members are pledging dollars, time and writing to political representatives to fight off foreign powers. Are you doing your part?


In an eWedNewz exclusive Lang said;

“My legal team came here on their own dime to listen to us as an industry and figure out the best– most cost-effective way– to find solutions to our problems. I am very encouraged with the progress we’ve made in a very short amount of time. I will continue on the path we’re on.”

The statement disproved allegations of Lang’s approach as costly by detractors. Lang declined to comment on the recent statements made by critic, Larry Warshaw. Lang told eWedNewz funds collected and pledged nears $100,000 dollars with more coming in all the time.

Through discussions eWedNewz has learned of two major websites that together shipped nearly 500,000 units into the United States. Light In The Box and DH Gate together could be shipping upwards of 7-8% of the total volume of dresses to the United States.

Pleas for help come from Lang and several other sources in the business, urging to write congressmen to help the wedding industry. According to Lang stores and manufacturers can get involved by writing to their congressman and senators about the counterfeiting and to copy senators Ron Wyden and Bob Menendez on the bottom of their letters. Wyden and Menendez sit on the  House Finance committee and their department funds US Customs. They also already have counterfeiting initiatives started.

Thanks to supports of Lang’s campaign the following information is available to you;

Letter to Your Government Officials about Counterfeit Websites

Find their contact info on these websites:

Here’s a sample letter to help you write yours:

Introduce yourself and give a short history about your company.

Give some information about the counterfeit problem in the bridal and prom industry such as;

There are a huge number of websites selling counterfeit prom and wedding dresses directly to consumers. These website companies display copyrighted photos of the original designers on their websites. They then list the gowns at 50-70% off the retail price of the originals. How if affects the consumer:

Many consumers are unaware that they are buying from a counterfeit site. IF the consumer receives the dress they ordered, many times it does not look like the original design and is made of cheap materials and poor construction.

Explain how your own business has been affected. (or stores who are your customers)

Give examples of customers ordering from these websites and what their experience has been.

Give some information about our effort: Congress has dealt with this intellectual deception before in other fields and has requested U.S. Customs to be more vigilant.

These gowns are being shipped in to the U.S. as “samples” to avoid paying duties and customs fees.

UPS and FedEx have been contacted and are aware of this problem.

–A large number of the major bridal and prom stores and US wholesalers who own the copyrighted dress designs are banding together in an effort to fight for the bridal and prom industry against these knock off companies.

–Here are few of the websites who are selling counterfeit gowns.

Ask your official to act quickly as many American jobs depend on our industry. You can include the number of employees you have.

A closing that includes your name, you company name, address and other contact information.




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