Message Boards Ablaze with Pirate Wedding Website Chatter; it’s not all bad


By Paul Pannone

Wedding Wire Message boards are buzzing with talk about purchasing dresses online but surprisingly the talk is not all bad. Some experiences are said to be good, as foreign companies get better at what they’re doing. Protectionist groups out to get the companies harp on the worst case scenarios but new information shows the fight will be harder than anyone imaged.

According to a story by

China is set to become the world’s next e-commerce super power, overtaking the US by 2015, according to research released by luxury Chinese e-commerce group VIPStore.

The company said that China’s emerging middle class, combined with increased access to the internet and a desire for brand-name goods are giving the e-commerce sector a boost.

China has 485 million internet users, more than the US and Japan combined, said VIPStore, yet internet penetration remains low at just 37%.

The story was posted in the Wedding Water Cooler where rambunctious members are never at a loss for words. The result was only a few private responses that feel the United States is at a terrible disadvantage and will probably succumb to the growing Chinese power.


Wedding Wire message boards are full of information about buying foreign products online at a fraction of the cost.

“This is not exactly the information you should be putting out there you know,” felt one WWC member.

Tough titties; it’s information that needs to be presented and will hopefully wake up some of the wedding dressmakers who stand in the way of an already difficult undertaking.

What do you say?




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  1. Paul, we get some of these dresses in my store for alterations (we don’t sell gowns, but we alter them). They have all been junk, but with the proliferation of junk from David’s, the average customer now thinks junk is normal. If buying from China becomes the norm, good luck finding competent seamstresses in the US to alter them, because they are few and far between, and if all the little Mom/Pop bridal shops die out, these skilled tradespeople will have little choice but to find other work while their skills erode, or they will more likely simply retire. 

  2. I hope we can but our country and American companies helped stack the deck against our odds

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