Steve Lang Calls Out to Fellow Manufacturers to Protect the Wedding Dress Business


By Paul Pannone


True to his word, Steve Lang called out to his constituency of fellow manufacturers to wage war on off-shore sources poaching consumers and disrupting the market. eWedNewz obtained a copy of the email correspondence sent to selected members of the wedding industry invited to join him in the fight against China. Now, eWedNewz invites you to support the effort, as well.


 In Chicago, Steve Lang’s company captured three DEBI awards in separate categories. Now Lang is trying to parlay his respected place in the wedding dress business to influence other manufacturers to protect the business.



Dear Fellow Industry Members,

We all know that there are now scores of websites from China   we have all been fighting over counterfeiting.  if something is not done  industry-wide to combat this trend , we will continue to bleed sales to these pirates.  The IBMA is the logical source to fund and enact a movement but I do not see a unified approach coming nor have I been contacted formally by anyone outlining their official position.  I hear there is a discussion about going after certain factories that could be behind some of these sites, but that is too slow a process and it is like playing “whack-a-mole”; as soon as you hit one, another pops up and then later the original offender most often re-appears.  We need to stop these factories cold with threatened legal action, AND, we need to stop these shipments with government help and customs help.  These factories are not paying duties and are violating US copyright law.

I have contacted my IP attorney, Craig Hilliard, a senior partner at Stark and Stark in Princeton, New Jersey.  Craig has successfully protected Mon Cheri in numerous cases we have instituted to protect our intellectual property and has won every case.  You might be aware of some of these legal interventions,  including successful actions against David’s Bridal on two occasions.  David’s as well as others are under court order to avoid entanglements with Mon Cheri. We have won very significant damage awards against many perpetrators that I can guarantee will not care to face litigation with Mr. Hilliard’s  firm again.

Mr. Hilliard is ready to take on the case of fighting these off shore entities for our industry.  I am looking for partners in this effort and have a goal of raising $50,000 to fund a war chest.   The more firms that join the effort, the less contribution per group.  Perhaps we have different contribution rates by type and size of each group….retailer, manufacturer, industry media partner or apparel mart/industry member.    What I am seeking to do is to lobby congressmen  and Customs to aid our industry as well going after the offending websites with threatened litigation.

If we do not step up to the plate, we will not be able to control this blight on the industry when there are twice or three times the number of pirate websites coming from China.

I am starting with each of you and asking if you would be willing to join me in this effort.  I will be expanding this list to more parties as we move forward.  I would like your suggestions on who else to invite. I have already contacted the major industry publications and they are waiting to learn what they can do to help.

I am on the West Coast but will return to the office Monday.  Please feel free to email anytime or call my cell at 609 306 6913. My direct dial is 609 406 0138 at the office

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Regards,
Steve Lang


eWedNewz contacted Lang to see if he would object to publishing the email– not that it would have changed our minds. But Lang’s reply verified why he is successful and why some of his competitors are idiots.

“Well, you obviously have the email; do what you see fit with it. I have nothing to hide,” said Lang.

eWedNewz discovered communications between Lang and the IBMA resulted in Lang extending the open invitation to the organization. eWedNewz will be covering why the organization doesn’t accept the invite and support the movement.


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