The Situation Boosts Traffic to Tuxedo Stores; Laggards left behind

By Paul Pannone

A new marketing strategy that leverages the combined power of Celebrity and Social Media began this week when the Situation started promoting stores that carry his line of tuxedos. The growing use of Social Media moves aside websites as the exclusive means of electronic marketing and is the reason a new strategy to partner Celebrity, manufacturing/retailers and Social marketing begins to prove itself.

With over 1.2 million Twitter followers and 3.8 million on Face Book, a single keystroke from the Situation moves the needle and makes things happen; including creating demand for his products and sales for everyone down the line.


 Part of the marketing support for Situation products includes e-cards blasted to millions of friend and followers. Access to Situation products through distributors like Jim’s formal wear and other independent stores will continue to grow.


 Critics of both the Situation and associated companies are falling silent, now that they understand what is happening.

With 3.8 million “likes” on Face Book exposed to Situation tuxedo products, eWedNewz predicts there will be a shortage of products during peak season.

Stores that didn’t see the value of strategic marketing scrambled to get products– too late in the selling season– and are partnering with wholesalers to make sure they’re covered in key demand times of the season.


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  1. Sheryl Davies says:

    powerful campaign. visibility is immense and the strategy is brilliant. Tuxedos are in the limelight again.

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