The Situation Brand Continues to Grow


By Paul Pannone

This month the Situation marketing team unveiled further plans to promote their products, cross-marketing with licensing partners while creating better value for all its participants. eWedNewz watches as the team devises new ways where products and partners work together and build a better overall brand. We also notice a way where tips, thoughts and some fun are added through a new segment to their strategy called Sitch News.


Business is booming at the Situation company. Marketing man, Mike Sussman (far right) , enjoying some family time at a company board meeting.


eWedNewz has watched the growth and reported the newZ last October. In an eWedNewz story we successfully called the business end of the Situation is nothing short of brilliant. The company continues to add new partners, leveraging their growing base of followers and friends via social networks.

eWedNewz has learned of a promotion that ties in products for a prom theme with prize giveaways to include eye-wear, a dress and the Sitch’s own line of tuxedos made by their formal wear partner, FLOW.

Marketing man, Michael Sussman of the Situation company told eWedNewz, “We are simply having the fans post their prom plans on Facebook and tagging Flow Formal. On Fridays we will select a winner and give them the choice of which tuxedo they want, free of charge.  For example, the Asbury in black or the Avalon in white.”

Likes resulting on both the Situation and FLOW pages are increasing because people want to be a part of the promotion, not because they have to. Since launching the Situation tuxedo line last August, demand for the front-running product– the Avalonhas far outpaced the ability to meet the demand. Currently steps in work to increase production for the 2013 season are being worked on.

From observation Situation marketing is not concocted in some stuffy corporate boardroom environment; but rather it develops naturally at the behest of its audience. What makes the strategy successful is providing the company’s growing base of supporters what they want, when they want it; a theme we’ve been talking about since the 1990’s in tuxedos. Finally FLOW went out and did it for the tuxedo business.



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