The Week of March 5th in Review




By Paul Pannone

The top story by far for the week of March 5th involves wedding dress manufacturers waging war against Chinese sources taking American designs and selling them direct to consumers.

The Newz spread throughout the wedding industry and gathered support for the initiator of the movement, Steve Lang. Once again Lang becomes the center of attention and controversial figure, telling eWedNewz if he doesn’t embrace his role nothing ever gets done.

Lang’s move surfaced ineptness within the dress business and shined the light on an organization called the IBMA– International Bridal Manufacturers Association. The organization, led by management accused of selling products direct to consumers online, consists of a board of directors who open retail stores that compete against the market they’re supposed to protect. A current online poll shows 79% of respondents so far say manufacturers should not open retail stores.

eWedNewz discovered a war chest of a quarter-million dollars illegally held by the organization floats around instead of being deployed to help fund the effort of protecting the industry. Ex-members of the organization are asking where the money is while retailers denounce the lack of proactive leadership from the organization.

President of the organization, Alan Dessy, continues to hide from questions from this newZ source, while junior members of the organization offer sub-standard statements . A single email from treasurer, Peter Grimes of Vows magazine that asked what we wanted to know fell silent when eWedNewz asked where the money is being held.

Even the usual Celebrity power of the Situation did not top the explosive events of the wedding dress business this week. The Sitch started tweeting about supporters of his line driving traffic to stores that carry Situation tuxedos. The first of a series of publicity campaigns through the season began with Jim’s formal wear and will continue to drive traffic to local supporters.



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