Boulton’s Brilliant Wedding Marketing Book is a Blast

By Paul Pannone


For over two years we’ve told you about Christine Boulton from Think Like a Bride, quoting her in many eWedNewz stories about the wedding business. In that time we’ve seen Christine rise from a local market adviser to national notoriety, quoted by other established wedding professionals. But now Boulton’s new book, Brilliant Wedding Marketing, takes the guesswork out of what she says about certain subjects covering them in a clear, concise way that no fairy dust seminar can ever come near.


Wedding marketing is tough. Christine’s new book makes it simpler to understand.

Boulton’s book follows another controversial book, Bridal Show Success, that irritated show producers around the country by telling the truth about what works in booth design and follow-up campaigns that did not fit into their sanctioning.

Now, Boulton does it again by getting endorsements from other wedding marketing organizations including Perfect Wedding Guide.

“I bought Brilliant Wedding Marketing last week and read it in one sitting!  As a representative of “the wedding media” with my own print publication, wedding website, database marketing program and bridal shows, it’s refreshing to read a book written by someone who just “gets it.”  I’ve read a lot of things out there from so called “wedding marketing experts” but none of them have been in the trenches like Christine.  Let me tell you – from my position – nothing is more frustrating to see wedding vendors waste opportunities to make a sale because they can’t get their head out of the sand.   This book will open your eyes and show you how to make your wedding marketing WORK because it CAN.  No more telling yourself “marketing and advertising just doesn’t work for ME” – YOU have to make it work.  I LOVE how much time Christine spends on company websites – it really does start there and NO amount of ad dollars will work for you if it’s leading brides to a website that won’t peak bride’s interests.  This book is a MUST READ.  I’m going to recommend it to all of our advertisers.  You spend thousands and thousands of dollars on marketing your business, wouldn’t you spend $20 to make sure it works?”

Sale of the books together as a package has helped wedding professionals cut the learning curve on topics like Social Media and improving conversion of leads to sales. But Boulton focuses the most attention on creating and maintaining the most powerful tool she feels is the difference between success and SUCCESS.

“The best money spent is making sure any size company has a really great website. Brides today can look at a site and know when they’re not going to use a company. You have one shot to get their attention. Forget not having a website, you have no chance at all,” she told eWedNewz.


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