The Week of April 9th in Review



By Paul Pannone

Views about formal weddings continue to relax and accept how today’s couples no longer want limits on how they plan their events or what they wear. Ceilings are raised and rules are broken, as couples look for balance between do it yourself and doing it right.

Brides magazine gets set for a highly anticipated makeover while the world wonders if they can turn sagging sales around.

Specific  issues involving China’s growing move to steal ideas and customers from American manufacturers this week shows no one is safe from the thievery. Steve Lang, the head of the campaign, found out his company was a victim. Mon Cheri Bridal images and information wear featured on another website; unauthorized of course.

eWedNewz continues to watch the contradiction between a current poll that says Americans prefer to pay a bit more for products made in the United States and support for lower-priced goods made in China.




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