True Religion, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren wins unlikely to Pay Off in Dollars

By Paul Pannone

A recent victory by True Religion jeans was still just the start in creating a structured environment on the Internet where brands try to gain control of their intellectual property. According to sources familiar with the story shutting down pirate websites is just a game of Whack a Mole with little assurance of a happy ending. But sources also say the wins are the start– a necessary  beginning for a chance of succeeding.


Is it a real Louis Vuitton or a Canal Street Copy?


In 2010, Ralph Lauren won a landmark battle for others to follow with the help of The law firm Greenberg Traurig, regarded as the best in the business. In June, 2011, Tony Birch won $164 million dollar judgement with almost no chance of getting the money from the sites. But, like the RL and True Religion decisions, 232 domain names used to sell Tony Burch fakes were permanently disabled and turned over to the New York-based fashion label.

Legal teams are also interested in certain unique design details are covered in the decisions to dissuade future potential abusers from infringing on the brand’s success. But are some measures going too far?

Recently, Louis Vuitton may have gone a bit off the path by sending a cease-and-desist letter to The Penn Intellectual Property Group (PIPG) at the University of Pennsylvania Law School citing concerns over an exercise in counterfeiting. The concerns involved the impression that Louis Vuitton may have approved or somehow sponsored the symposium and appealed to the learning institute to immediate halt the use of the brand’s likeness.

So in other words mystery Asian people get off from paying huge sums of money while sitting-duck learning institutions are left holding the bag; served with cease-and-desist letters.

Discussions with brand administrators that did not wish to be identified told eWedNewz, “Anyway that we can get our point across or have people fear retribution for tampering with our brand will be used.”

“Winning these types of battles and getting to the right political people is the only way to win this war,” according to Steve Lang. Lang is rallying wedding dress manufacturers by leveraging the help of his legal team and contacts to shut down the culprits at the root of the financial and shipping sources.


eWedNewz continues our investigation into this story.



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