Average Price of a Wedding Dress Holds Steady

By Paul Pannone

Depending on whose data you believe the national average price of a wedding gown continues to hover around $1,100 dollars.


 Pick your poison; the Knot survey results shows the national average price of a wedding dress is inline with other data sources we’re watching.

According to a recent survey conducted by the XO Group reported by Fox Detroit the average sum spent by an American woman on her wedding dress is $1,121. The average price now reported doesn’t differ much from a study conducted by  BRIDE Magazine’s last year when they reported an average wedding dress cost is $1,289; a 20% increase over 2009 when the average cost was $1,072.

eWedNewz continues to follow how online sale of wedding dresses impact the price of dresses in retail store establishments. Most retailers say they’re watching the average wholesale price rise slightly but cannot pass the increase to their customers to absorb the higher cost.

Discussions with planners in metropolitan markets scoff at the number ($1,100) saying their clients spend more on “toilet paper” for their weddings than the national dress average.

eWedNewz continues to watch over companies that supply data to the wedding business that sometimes isn’t flawless.




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  1. christineboulton says:

    Your planners in “metropolitan areas” may want to take note that there is a whole lot of land and a whole lot of people in fly over country. In truth, their brides are the anomaly, not the norm.

  2. Jacqui Wadsworth says:

    what Christine Bouton said. “average” is one of the most dangerous tools in planning. what I’ve seen in the past 7 years is the every day bride’s budget has fallen dramatically. and as for what I’ve noted from pricing from bridal vendors, their wholesale costs have now gone up over 25%. and this during a time when brides want to spend at least 25% less than they used to for a gown. I believe that we’ll continue to see independent wedding gown retailers fall by the wayside. In our area of TN, my current data supports at least 50% are down for the count, and truly it’s leaning toward 3 out of 5 out of business. I hope it’s not so bad elsewhere, but I doubt it.

    • eWedNewz says:

      In all honesty I wouldn’t take what anyone says– include Ms. Boulton– too seriously. For that reason her statement also works in reverse; the “average” is just a down payment in metro areas and could be the sales tax on a Fifth ave, New York, purchase.

      • Sheryl Davies says:

        n my 20 years, of publishing a local bridal planning directory from Toronto, Ontario to a smaller city of 300,000, the price spent by a bride has been in the $1000 range. Certainly, there are brides who spend much more and some who spend less but the dollar figure has remained consistent.


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