Consumers and Business Owners Disconnected Over Made In America Issue

By Paul Pannone


Stories and discussion involving off-shore manufacturing and the prospect of American manufacturing returning to the United States have continued to be top newZ in 2014. Ongoing polls show American consumers want Made In America products and are willing to pay a bit more for them. But Business owners, especially big ones who move the meter, continue to bury their head in the sand because of the investment made in over a decade of shifting production off-shore to stay competitive in pricing.

The languishing economic slowdown now in its sixth year has slowed orders and drove some Chinese businesses to sell direct to American consumers via pirate websites. American sources have made progress in defending against the attack using the legal system to block the transport and transfer of funds, forcing foreign companies to hire Americans to represent them in the United States. eWedNewz watches as deep pocket foreign countries retain their services to help legitimize the sale of off-shore manufactured  goods in America.


Meanwhile American companies touting Made in America products face the daunting task of convincing American consumers to buy American products at a higher price, supporting their country and workers.

“The problem is it’s become difficult, if not impossible to find needed products made in America,” say average shoppers.



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China Shifts Gears towards Quality as Demand slows

By Paul Pannone

After decades  of  double-digit growth China is turning to a more sustainable trek guided by quality development and better public perception.

Chinese_manufacturingChina will be taking more time, making better products now that demand has slowed.

China’s fixed-asset investment growth of 19.6 percent in 2013 was the smallest increase in 10 years , missing forecasts for a 19.8 percent increase.  But to sustain growth Chinese reforms towards improving quality standards to meet consumer expectations and shed the bad reputation caused by years of bad publicity about quality standards are key issues Chinese leaders will be addressing.

Slowing numbers due to decreasing consumption of goods have also been a result for Chinese growth over the past few years. According to sources familiar with the story steps are being taken to improve, taking advantage of the slowdown. but sources say they want to be ready to ramp up quickly, as the world economy improves beginning in 2014.



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The Week of January 20th in Review |Made In America

EWedNewz Week In Review


By Paul Pannone

Concerns over Chinese companies sidestepping so-called American “partners” sparked a wave of comments, questions and inquires in all Social Media forums. The concern comes from  no-nonsense, first-hand knowledge of how Chinese companies are shifting away from piracy tactics, cleaning up their act, raising quality standards for products and marketing, hiring Americans to pimp their wears here in the United States. The move comes , as American manufactures ramp up efforts to derail piracy of their product designs and marketing.

MIAMade in America. Or is it?

Made in America sources are contacting this newZ source to find out more and explore ways of creating campaigns to make consumers aware that by not supporting American made products it helps foreign companies garner sales, increase their position and creates jobs in their country– at the expense of our own, here in the U.S.

Ongoing polls suggest Americans would support American-made product “if they existed”. However the words are not supported by actions, as they continue to buy goods, regardless of where they come from.

eWedNewz welcomes your comments and thoughts and will continue to investigate all facets of this story.


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PRESS RELEASE: Casablanca Bridal Flagship Store Grand Opening

Orange County Based Bridal Gown

Casablanca Bridal Flagship Store Grand Opening 

Manufacturer Opening New Flagship Store at Crystal Cove Shopping Center, Newport Beach

Newport Beach, CA (January 15, 2014) –Casablanca Bridal, an award-winning bridal gown designer and manufacturer selling custom fit, made to order gowns throughout the world in over 1,000 bridal salons is set to debut their new flagship store in Newport Beach. A series of grand opening events will take place beginning next week at the beautiful new store overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Crystal Cove Shopping Center.  On Wednesday January 22 from 2 – 5 pm there will be a sneak preview party exclusively for the media followed by a VIP invitation only event on Thursday January 23 from 4:30–7:30 pm for wedding industry professionals and Newport Coast residents, and then a Grand Opening event to the public on Saturday January 25 from 11 am – 3 pm.

All events will take place within their newly designed space featuring exceptional architecture and interior design to compliment their gorgeous bridal gowns and accessories while also setting the perfect stage for bridal gown fittings. Models will be on hand for the three grand opening events to showcase the elegantly handmade gowns, some of which incorporate authentic Swarovski crystal elements. There will also be lively music, light food, drinks and special treats at all three events.

The Saturday grand opening event will offer brides-to-be the opportunity to schedule appointments as well as receive complimentary gift bags. In addition, the Casablanca Bridal Dreams sweepstakes will be going on in partnership with BRIDES magazine. This promotion is geared towards socially savvy brides-to-be who try on a Casablanca Bridal gown and then tweet it to BRIDES Twitter account (@BridesAllAccess) with the hashtag #CasablancaBridalDreams. One lucky bride will be chosen in the national contest to win the honeymoon of her dreams with airfare for two to the Fiji Islands. (Prize award provided by BRIDES Magazine).

Casablanca Bridal’s owners, Kevin and Gloria Lu founded their company with the mission of designing and delivering exceptional custom fit gowns made from the highest quality materials available at values attainable to everyone. The inspiration for developing Casablanca Bridal’s flagship store was to create a store as unique and spectacular as their gowns and to provide Casablanca brides with a bridal gown selection and fitting experience truly worthy of their dream day. In addition to a spectacular store setting, the salon will choreograph bridal gown selections and fittings with inspiring video imagery of wedding locations and specially selected music for each client along with photography to capture “the moment, magic and tears” when she finds her perfect Casablanca Bridal dress. The new Flagship Store will also serve as a retail best practices development platform on behalf of helping the independent bridal retailers Casablanca Bridal markets its gowns through, and it will be used to test new product designs and categories prior to rolling them out to their national and international markets. Casablanca Bridal also hopes their new Flagship Store will set a new standard of excellence in bridal gown merchandising and retailing for their industry.

In related news, Kevin and Gloria Lu recently founded the Celebrate Forever Foundation with the belief that couples and families thrive when each individual develops the necessary skills to be the best person and spouse they can be.



Celebrate Forever Foundation, a Southern California-based non-profit organization, believes that individual change leads to improved relationships, healthier families and stronger communities with the power to make positive change in the world. Celebrate Forever promotes healthy relationships through evidence-based relationship education, and a world class network of relationship experts, providing individuals with the necessary skills, technology and resources to create healthy relationships and a healthy world. For more information, visit


Casablanca Bridal is a family owned business and was founded in 1997 by Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Gloria Lu and is one of the fastest growing global award-winning manufacturers, designers and wholesale distributors of bridal gowns. Kevin and Gloria founded Casablanca Bridal with the mission of making bridal gowns that are made of the highest quality materials with impeccable attention to detail, made by hand and are attainable to every woman who wants a dress as special as her wedding. They believe no woman should have to compromise quality and fit for budget and price. For more information, visit

About Irvine Company Retail Properties:

With three premier shopping centers including Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum Center and The Market Place, the Irvine Company Retail Properties also includes 37 neighborhood and community centers with a diverse mix of stores and restaurants.ICRP has welcomed more than a dozen top-tier and exclusive retailers to its portfolio in 2012 and 2013, including Halston Heritage, Blushington, Kendra Scott, SEE Eyewear and Seafolly.

Crystal Cove Shopping Center, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, features a collection of established restaurants and boutiques that include: Javier’s Cantina, Bluefin Sushi, Bellagio Salon & Spa, Juxtaposition Home, Z Collection, Piajeh, Lashfully, Novecento Sports, Mastro’s Ocean Club and more.


Chinese story Sparks Discussion

By Paul Pannone

A poignant story about Chinese manufacturers  sidestepping their American partners touched off a firestorm of discussions both privately and public everywhere on  the internet. The story reached far beyond the wedding business and into other industries affected by the ongoing assault of foreign intervention who’ve decided they are ready to step out from behind the curtain and from the shackles of their American partners.

Chaging_Face_Of_AmericaThe changing look of America

eWedNewz sources recall Chinese manufacturers coming to the United States in the early 1970’s to  study how production lines efficiently made decent-quality garments at affordable prices that could be mass-marketed. Trade agreements  started by historic trips by President Nixon .But it was never explained to the people of the United states the jobs and benefits would be disproportionately given to the Chinese, leaving the once-great American economy built on manufacturing in shambles. Of course these were not the original intentions. But who can deny that’s not the way it’s gone?

According to a piece by the UCLA International Institute

Richard Solomon, president of the United States Institute of Peace, concluded by saying g the current China-US relationship is “strategically ambiguous” in his keynote speech. The two countries have different interests in international affairs like the Taiwan issue. However, they have shared concerns, such as creating jobs.


According to eWedNewz sources:

“We basically taught them how to manufacture efficiently and they used their cheap labor to create products  at lower cost to help both countries. But as business owners increased competition among themselves, they abandoned  American companies (and workers) shifting more production to China (and other places) leaving skilled American Citizens with no place left to work. Factories closed and entire industries dried up, taking jobs along with them. What good are cheap products if no one can afford them?”

eWedNewz continues our investigation talking with business owners who support the idea of how China is soliciting business directly, sans their American partners. Some admit:

“A few years ago I would not have considered doing business with them. Today, I am looking at samples and will give it some serious thought,” say sources who are not ready to cut ties with American suppliers.

But for how long? U.S manufacturing sources with production in China report:

“The people working in the factories (In China) are aware of their importance on the american economy. Slowly, they want to raise their own standard of living to meet the lifestyle of relatives already living in America.”

According to a 2012 report:

“For the first time, the influx of Asians moving to the U.S. has surpassed that of Hispanics,”

Sources aware of the events on both sides of the world feel the political landscape will continue to favor the East and give every benefit allowed to them– at the cost of the people of the United states.




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Chinese Manufactures Get More Aggressive; Sidestep American “partners”

By Paul Pannone

2014 get’s out of the gate aggressively, especially among top-rated companies positioned to overtake weaker competition and gain ground in the market. In nearly all facets of business manufacturing partners whose role was to  stay behind the scenes and follow their American front-men are rethinking the strategy, especially since the orders to fill factories that expanded in better economic times did not keep workers working or machinery running.

The economic downturn in America since 2008 has left Chinese partners disillusioned and no longer listening to the empty words made by American executives who’ve run out of promises and are unable to deliver orders.

US_ChinaOne nation– under Mao

eWedNewz is watching as leading business thinkers abandon or at least curtail total dependency on  the American market and focus on global opportunities, knowing they will soon be stepped over– not if but when– foreign manufactures set up systems to supply the american market with goods and services directly with the aid of Americans .

An ongoing eWedNewz poll shows a majority of Americans would support domestically made products– if they existed. But the harsh reality is they don’t. Manufacturing that shifted offshore through the 1990’s and 200’s is not coming back to America anytime soon. But discussions with foreign manufacturers– Chinese– say they’re aware of the bad publicity their products have received over the years. Changes to make safer, more quality products are said to be on the way. With the changes the need for an extra layer of overhead is being stripped away. Look for direct marketing and American representatives to rep foreign improved products and stand behind them as a growing trend in the next few years.

eWedNewz continues our investigation and welcomes your thoughts.


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They’re now engaged; are you ready?

By Paul Pannone

According to The Knot December is the most popular month for couples to get engaged (16%). With the crush of engagements done brides will be herding towards cheesy wedding shows, it’s just a fact of life. In my career I’ve seen good but I’ve seen mostly bad vendors and displays. In the old days, pre-internet and Social media, bridal shows were the only way to efficiently vet vendors and find the one for you. Today a quick post on your Facebook Wall or even a tweet will get you the answers you seek.

Mon Cheri Bridals featured on My Fair WeddingWe’re watching the fizzling use of static websites and whiz-bang apps to plan weddings. Couples today are using common sense, aided by guidance from trusted friends on Social media to plan their wedding day. 

2013 was a transitional year for weddings from both the consumer and vendor perspective. There are no more secrets or dubious checks and results from Better business Bureaus who, in the past, overlooked bad performance and behavior from paying vendors who supported the organization. We’ve even surpassed  wedding websites that are now suspect of similar activity. We won’t bore you with the latest details– we will simply dismiss them as passe’. But you can check out what Dorinda Duclos is saying about Wedding Wire.

“Brides are smarter these days like never before. It’s rare that any of them will really get taken for a ride. Not with good resources available and many more checkpoints that will prohibit them from making a bad vendor choice,” according to Jim Duhe of Bridal Guide Magazine & the wedding Water Cooler Group.

There’s no doubt with a much more informed bride and unquestionable resources, wedding vendors must step up their game or get lost in a sea of also-ran competitors.




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The Week of December 9th in Review




By Paul Pannone

The Queen of Wedding mean, Martha Stewart, made Scrooge seem like a philanthropist firing between 70 and 100 workers just weeks before the holidays. eWedNewz has been following the story since 2011, continuing our investigation into how the media company shifts away from total dependency on print, towards digital. Apart from the criticism of the timing, some business-minded readers say they understand the cutbacks in the quest to stay profitable. But everyone agrees the cutbacks could have come way before or after the holidays.

Other moves at the company suggest deep cutbacks in print, including a possible closure of the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  Sources near the story claim the move of company favorite, Amy Wilkins to a more general category signals more than just shifting an employee around.

What other newZ is happening in the wedding business? Nothing.


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Is Martha Stewart Weddings getting Set Up to be shut Down?

By Paul Pannone

As the firing of staff and cutbacks at Martha Stewart’s Ominivision (MSO) continues eWedNewz looks closer at reports of what could be happening in the wedding side of the MSO company. Originally thought that 100 people will be out of work for the holidays an ongoing investigation says the number is closer to 75. Sources familiar to the story told ewedNewz to watch the movement at Martha Stewart Weddings.

MSWIs getting out of weddings a good thing? We shall see.

“Amy Wilkins is a favorite at MSO and has been moved to higher, safer ground within the company,” according to sources near the story.

Ms. Wilkins joined MSLO in February 2007,  is well-liked and talented enough to have ducked the most recent round of layoffs but was in a more precarious position at Weddings, as the general wedding category remains challenged going into the new year.

In December, 2011, eWedNewz reported MSO sold their stake in Wedding Wire for a hefty profit to focus on their own internal programs to offer their wedding advertisers. But now with the growing popularity of Social Media and decline in general interest of traditional everything– including weddings and advertising– sources feel any wedding property could be less profitable in the next few years and not a good place to be, if the trend continues.

In a separate, ongoing investigation, eWedNewz continues to watch the departure of wedding professionals in all facets of the business. Most recent, unconfirmed information suggests 2013 was not a good year for the wedding business due to superstitious reasons connected with the year. Some marginal business owners say they’re bookings are up already in 2014 when compared to the soft 2013 season, deciding to stick around for one more go-around.

Some told eWedNewz they’d hate to miss the beginning of a turnaround, now that they’ve outlasted their competition who’ve already packed it in.

In yet another separate story we’re watching top wedding publications embroiled in a race to the bottom are offering rates that are reportedly at a loss in trying to starve the competition. Major advertisers are lured from one magazine to the other by predatory pricing shifting significant advertising schedules from one book to the next. The competition is welcomed by advertisers who say they hope it lasts but are aware that if any of them fold, they will be at the mercy of those who stay.

In the more general category at Martha Stewart sources say sale of pages at Martha Stewart Living are strong and show increase in a difficult print environment. The move of Wilkins to the more general category and away from weddings is a good move, according to sources “In case a move to shutter more wedding-related services becomes necessary.”

“At the heart of any standard move of this nature is to staff the company with the greatest, most productive talent while minimizing waste and redundancies within the company”, according to our sources.

eWedNewz continues all of our story investigations and welcomes your thoughts. Please join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter


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Happy Holidays; You’re Fired | Martha Stewart drops 75 Employees before the holidays

By Paul Pannone

The cutbacks continue at Martha Stewart as the media company slashed another 100 workers (about 20% of it staff of 500) just before the holidays. eWedNewz has been watching the movement for several years  and spoke to sources at the company who said in 2012 they would continue their efforts to be profitable and stop the bleeding in two of three of the media company’s divisions. Of  the firm’s publishing, broadcasting, and merchandising divisions merchandising was the only one that’s managed to stay viable over the past decade, dragged down by losses at the other two.

Declines are linked to lower demand of traditional methods of advertising, including print. The greater use of the internet and digital methods used by companies continues to become popular.

Sources at the company we spoke several years ago declined to answer our questions on whether MSO was up for sale. The company remains heavily leveraged on Stewart herself and has remained as part of the integral operation of the company.

In 2004 Stewart was sent to jail for five months and served  two years for lying to investigators about her participation and  sale of ImClone Systems stock in late 2001. But Stewart has managed to survive at the company she founded and leads the turnaround attempts that seem heartless to some but not investors who keep the pressure on in order to show growth and return on their investments.

MSOSale and value of MSO stock has declined and remained low after the Media Diva’s 2004 vacation as a guest of the government. Despite attempts to return to greatness stock price and a tarnished history at MSO remains a constant.

5_Day_MSOIn this week’s trading news of the 20% cutback in staff at MSO sent stock prices a bit higher. Far from the glory days, Stewart and company leader’s work is far from over.

In all media coverage there was no specific mention of Martha Stewart Weddings.  However, like all print publications under extreme and growing scrutiny every one of them must outperform their competitors and grow in a shrinking traditional wedding environment. As if that is not hard enough magazines must outrun the instant and relentless use of digital formats or face extinction.




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