The Wedding Guide BRIDES: 21st Century Style Deemed a Success


By Paul Pannone

The Wedding Guide held a conference in March to connect their vendors and brides. The move is an ongoing process to include more than just advertising in a magazine. TWG decided it’s time to extend into real-life interaction and real-time communication across all channels, building a platform where vendors and brides interact.

 Sheryl Davies, a veteran of the wedding business, told eWedNewz, “Today we need to be wherever there are brides. And wherever that is, we must bring along our valued advertisers.” Davies is a believer of all formats that delivers the message to a new generation of brides and wedding planning. “It takes balance and skill to understand what they need because these girls are so stressed in their daily lives. It’s up to us to provide them with the proper information, proper tools and an array of vendor choices that represents the best of what the market offers,” she told eWN.

The Wedding Guide event was held on March 23 at Caesars Windsor . “The original mission was to spark our vendors and supporters, while looking at the big picture. This was an exclusive, complimentary evening, open to all specialists. As you recall, we discussed marketing and today’s online strategies. When you are working day-to-day, it is difficult to look at the big picture and focus on tomorrow’s growth. That’s where we come in!,” according to John Liedtke, Sheryl’s parter in the Wedding Guide.

Speakers at the event included:

Sheryl Davies: Publisher of The Wedding Guide Windsor|Essex County is a seasoned 35 year professional. She will discuss the overall industry, changes and emerging trends. The Wedding Guide has assisted over 35,000 brides since 1992.

Shelley Sharpe: Design and branding specialist for over 20 years and a professional member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Ms. Sharpe is talented and understands clients’ needs, creating targeted, beautiful communications. She is currently the Communications Director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.

Stuart Liedtke: Chief Technical Officer, DMS Communications. In-house web site developer and social media expert will speak about cutting-edge, 21st century, online presence and metric reporting. Mr. Liedtke is a U.S. Navy trained airborne analyst – certified in commercial network infrastructure design and human factors applications engineering.

Jeremy Tyrrell:  Caesars Windsor – Mr. Tyrrell is a seasoned hospitality professional with more than 30 years in the restaurant and hotel business across Canada, the last decade with Caesars Windsor.  He is currently a well-traveled Senior Sales Manager with responsibilities for Association sales, and for an active team of sales professionals.  He has done sales training with Caesars Windsor, local restaurant companies such as Jose’s Noodle Factory, and with national chains including Red Lobster and Baskin-Robbins.  Jeremy balances the demands of a full travel schedule, a wife and three kids, and active community engagement with a positive, can-do attitude.

“We’re continuing our efforts to put together events that will make a difference to wedding specialists; ones that are stimulating and insightful. The wedding industry is at a turning point and needs conversation and yes, a little controversy. It’s not all about data; data is just a guide. Building a strong personal brand with strong traditional methods that are still relevant and finding the best ways to use them is a never-ending process. Taking advantage of new tools that were never available is critical. That includes the newest web and social media. These are the components required to your wedding business, while providing strategies to best attract the bride,” according to both Davies and Liedtke.

In an eWedNewz exclusive, Davies said the event was a huge success and facilitated a way to add new vendors and advertisers. The Wedding Guide is a comprehensive marketing system that moved away from total dependency on print and offers the latest methods to reach brides.

eWedNewz continues to watch this story and will give periodic updates to the progress.



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