No Good Deed Goes Unchallenged; Lang gets Lip from Critics

By Paul Pannone

The war on bogus wedding website’s continues to move forward reaching out to political and financial sources that have all given positive sign they would back the campaign. In just over a month hundreds of thousands of dollar commitments assembled from wedding industry members awaits deployment to combat the assault from foreign forces.


The campaign against the Chinese assault on the wedding business gains the attention of other parts of the wedding business, including busy bridal show producers. William Heaton, CEO of the Great Bridal Expo, reached out to eWedNewz to give a statement of support. We will be looking for his dollar commitment to the campaign in the weeks ahead.


The movement is gaining traction in other parts of the wedding business, apart from dress manufacturing. Following a meeting in New York, Lang’s vision of unifying an entire industry reached out to floral, men’s apparel, entertainment, etc., even to bridal show producers. The biggest of them all, The Great Bridal Expo’s CEO, King fish, William Heaton, sent a message of encouragement.

 “I say Godspeed to the legitimate bridal apparel industry and their effort to rid the world of these predatory marketeers,” writes Heaton.


The positive so far outweighs any negative given by several sources. The biggest critic, Larry Warshaw, was put on notice last week by Steve Lang and his legal team, after yet another tirade. Warshaw’s agenda includes seeking foreign help from European countries to help stop the infiltration of products into the US market.

Nick Yeh of Impression bridal weighed in on the newZ involving Warshaw and fellow manufacturers.

“As part of this industry, we all have an obligation and responsibility to doing what is best for the industry. There are simply too many manufacturers that choose not to get involved and want to live in the dark as this is a global problem; which they have no control over. I appreciated Steve’s efforts in taking this on.

There been few emails going back and forth between us. I believe he is very confused. Ultimately, our approach is the same with him (Lang’s); getting US customs involved. Yet, he (Warshaw) still thinks our directions is wrong. He stated we should get behind the “European initiatives”. I asked him to clarify how it will benefit the US industry. No response on that. Simply. I do not know what his problem with “us” could be. Our goals and directions are exactly the same. It seem like European custom is working on a faster pace,” according to Yeh.

Yeh’s message to Lang is taken under advisement by Lang who told eWedNewz he valued the suggestion; to convey to US custom official what is happening in Europe and even alert the US officials of the speedy way some of the European countries are reacting.

eWedNewz continues to watch Warshaw’s rants and other suggestions from new sources for the slightest sign of legitimate objections.


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