The New IBMA Lives– but for how long


By Paul Pannone

After months of hard work and dedication the International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IBMA) prepares to relaunch their organization to unite and solidify a very fragmented wedding dress business. Rising cost of production, varied pricing, new competition and a difficult business environment have all been significant factors for the increased struggles of the wedding dress business and the reason leaders in the industry have come together to revitalize the organization.


Alan Dessy (third in from the right), president of IBMA, has not responded to a request to answer questions about the organization. 




The International Bridal Manufacturers Association (IBMA) has been reestablished with a new board and a new charter. We are building momentum… tackling issues, developing programs and setting our sights on providing REAL benefits for our members!

Specific committees have been established, the Association website has been revamped, and a new request for proposal system has been created to invite resources to pitch products and services to the association. Our new Request for Proposal approach is already working. Currently we have advertising and market proposals from For the Bride, Conde Nast, The Knot, Bridal Guide,, Wedding Audience, and Dallas Market. We expect many more proposals, open for participation by all members in time for next market season.


Board of Directors

Alan Dessy, Dessy Designs President

Paula Varsalona, Paula Varsalona, Vice President

Claudine Hamm, Alyce Designs, Secretary

Peter Grimes, Vows Magazine, Treasurer

James Elias, Demetrios

Eric Greco,Jordan Fashions

Kevin Lu,Casablanca Bridal

Ed Rene, Touch Ups by Benjamin Walk

Larry Warshaw, Justin Alexander; Market Chair

Ty Yeh, Private Label by G

Kyle Yin, Jasmine Bridal; Fashion Piracy Chair

Annual dues are $300, must be paid in advance, and cannot be prorated during the calendar year. Dues must be paid in full before participation. In addition to special member-only advertising and promotional programs, paid members are invited to attend annual general membership meetings coordinated by the board of directors.

Members will also periodically receive proposals previewed by the board from various media companies including print and online publishers, as well as those from other business resources. These opportunities are structured to offer substantial savings on products or services, and are offered exclusively to the IBMA as a group.

The next meeting of the general members is scheduled for Friday April 13th, 2012.  Members who pay their dues before January 1st, 2011 will not be charged the food/beverage fee of $50.


Critics of the group say they’re skeptical about  some of the group members using the collaboration to better their own place within the industry and to negotiate better rates with advertisers and bridal shows. Also an issue involving several hundreds of thousands of dollars collected as non-profit funds remains unanswered.

A request to president , Alan Dessy, was not yet acknowledged but several members of the organization asked that an open mind be kept and to consier to the efforts of others within the organization.

eWedNewz plans to continue watching the progress of the group and press for answers.




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