FLOW on the Go, as the Tuxedo World Looks on

By Paul Pannone

There could finally be some excitement in dying tuxedo business, as FLOW formal get’s ready for the 2012 season. Since January owners of the Weintraub formal wear division have given assurance their business would be driven by new financial commitments to technology and upgrade of all systems

An announcement earlier this season sent shock waves through the apparel business that reached the tuxedo business, sending competitors scurrying. Since the announcements and added visibility shown in all Social Media formats, competitors have fallen silent.

Collaboration with major dress manufacturer, Mon Cheri, is helping to raise awareness of tuxedos.


“We’re getting ready to announce some very interesting information that is unusual in the tuxedos business,” said Jeff Weintraub. Weintraub’s focus on new technology and reaching consumers is piquing interest in the formal wear business.

Onlookers in the tuxedo business say they’re watching the progress and this week commented to this news source.

“We’re seeing what you guys are doing and we think it’s wonderful that tuxedos are getting the exposure,” notices Becky McManus of the IFA.

Beyond the tiny tuxedo industry, FLOW’s mission focuses on consumers and creating awareness, demand and traffic to stores that carry their branded products. FLOW products appearing in photo shoots are hitting magazines, web sites and promotional events this fall. The company’s sales force are helping stores with leads of potential customers looking for products in all markets.

Since 2009, Weintraub picked through the carcass of competitors that ceased operations including Black Gold. Weintraub hired owners Doug Black to design accessories and Jon Goldman for road sales but found no value in anything After Six.

“We’re committed to doing whatever is necessary to make sure tuxedos are recognized again,” reaffirm all members of the Weintraub family.


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