Finally, the Groom Gets Noticed


By Paul Pannone

For various reasons led by finances, grooms are getting more involved in wedding plans. According to growing reports, the male part of decision-making is directly tied into shelling out money to pay for the event; leaving him to want to see exactly what he is paying for. 

“A part of me wonders if part of the increased interest from grooms is because they are contributing to the costs. I¹d probably guestimate that lately that close to a third of my inquiries come from grooms. Then from the ones who end up hiring me they are interested in getting value for their buck so like to be involved in the negotiating process with vendors. Some of these guys are way better at getting deals from vendors then I am. The grooms who get involved in the process where the bride or her mother has been the initial one to make the inquiry are more interested in individual aspects of the wedding,” according to Sandra Aaron of Mindless Sophistication.

Discussions with other planners also point to the changes that have taken place over the past two decades of who pays for what. Since eWedNewz published a story about grooms getting more involved in wedding plans there has been a broader discussion involving the role of the groom and is even leading to national bridal shows considering reformatting portions of the show to include the male aspect of planning.

Several discussions this week with William Heaton of The Great Bridal Expo conclude the show can no longer reflect the minor role played by the groom in years past. “It has changed over the course of time and now we need to adjust to the changes that have taken place;and we intend to,” according to Heaton.


Sophisticated Groom says they’re see the trend of grooms taking a more active role in planning the biggest day of their life.


Kevin Powell of told eWedNewz,” Sophisticated Groom magazine has seen the trend and knows it will continue to grow. Men know the wedding is important for the growth of the couple and want to be involved for several reasons. Our surveys and discussion with readers has shown that men want to know everything from wedding colors and trends to fabrics and patterns to a broad relationship tips beyond the wedding day.”

Wedding vendors that deal with groom products contacting eWedNewz say they agree with the trend. But also, major wedding dress manufacturers say they see the benefit of tying in their dress products with men’s formal wear. Bridal publishers and longtime supporters of men’s formal wear say they’re hearing it from their end as well.

Jim Duhe of Bridal Guide Magazine told eWNz, “It had to happen because when editors initially moved away from traditional looks it caused disruption in the marketplace. Many were quick to follow the destination trend. Now, that has slowed significantly; we can expect a slow revert back to formality. Nothing ever stays forever,” according to Duhe.

Duhe stopped short of saying there would be a full-scale recovery and revert back to formality but did feel any turnaround first begins with the end of one trend and slowly eases into a new direction.

What do you say? Is informality here to stay or will we see a return to elegance?


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