Screwed Encore Brides get help from Wedding Water Coolies; Brian Lawrence Grumbles

By Paul Pannone

Brides are still scrambling to recover from the cowardly way Encore Studios shut down operations with pending orders that remain partially shipped. The story is being widely read by wedding industry sources that say they’re shocked that a company that outwardly seemed as solid as Encore has simply vanished overnight.

Media personality Samantha Goldberg and other Wedding Water Coolies can be fun, light-hearted and charming. But never attempt to hurt their precious brides or you will see fangs, claws and heated passion that will cripple your soul.

eWedNewz thanks the Wedding Water Cooler members for stepping forward and making amends for the crummy people of the wedding business. 



eWedNewz is contacted by invitation sources offering their help for stuck brides saying they are the first priority at this time.

A discussion with Eddy Martinez of Natural Impressions in Florida told eWedNewz, “This is unheard of. We have been inundated with calls regarding Encore since noon Monday. Frantic retailers and brides alike looking to see how we can help them fulfill their orders.  We are trying to accommodate their needs.”

Martinez was alerted by Wedding Water Cooler member, Stacie Francombe when she read a touching email posted by eWedNewz in the Cooler. Tiffany A. Todd of Colorado. Tiffany wrote to eWedNewz saying:

“Thank you for your article on Encore’s sudden closure and failure to warn and communicate with vendors/consumers.  I am one of probably many brides who has been scrambling because of Encore’s failure to communicate.  My wedding is November 12, and we rushed delivery on a $2,800 Encore order last week.  Fortunately, our envelopes and invitations/cards got here on Tuesday, but the pocket-part that assembles them has not arrived. 

We don’t have time to wait beyond tomorrow to see if they show up since we’re running up on the 6-week out mark.  My mom and planner have been working around the clock to devise a ribbon mechanism to assemble the suite so that it’s not all just floating around in the envelope.  And who knows, the pockets could very well show up on Monday after we’ve sent everything out (which would create an interesting payment dilemma, since we struggled with our vendor but eventually got them to release the invitations to us by paying for ½ the order). 

I, too, was frustrated by the tone of Bill Lawrence’s article.  He did not once mention the poor brides out there who are anxiously waiting for their invitations to arrive and will be left in a crisis if, like me, they were tight on time getting their invitations in and out.  No matter what has befallen a company, it owes its customers the respect of getting a statement out that clearly informs them of what will happen with pending orders.  I can only be glad that I actually received the invitation, unlike some out there who will be left with nothing!”

“Bill” Lawrence is Brian Lawrence that very well may be trying to change his name. Lawrence pissed off many others that are contacting this newz source saying he is inept. Apparently Lawrence’s Humpty-Dumpy style feels for the owners of Encore but neglects the real victims; the consumers that trusted the heartless people of the wedding industry. Lawrence and other wedding industry associates that do not have a clue how to run a wedding business; but just spout useless data and irrelevant information find themselves huddled together supporting theories and concocted ideas.

Back in the real world people like Eddy Martinez replied to the distressed bride saying, “Tiffany, if you would like to discuss, please give us a call in the morning at 877-408–8863 or email us. We will be happy to try to help you get your order completed. It would be great if you have or can find an item number or photo of the original.

Meanwhile, please take a look at our website in case there is something similar we can reference,

Feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can help with.”


Eddy Martinez

Other Coolies stepping up to help brides includes Samantha Goldberg. “Sammi” tossed Tiffany an anchor and more options saying:


I have been working with CNN and various networks to offer items that have been lost etc…Via Irene etc…However, with the unfortunate changes with our industry,, many have dealt with this issue. The good news…I found a vendor who is willing to donate your invites and eat the cost…If you would like to work with this person I can connect you. 

I do know this will all be just a memory as the BIG prize is who you will see once you make it to the altar.”

Samantha Goldberg


Jim Duhe at Bridal Guide initiated some programs to help abandoned brides calling the the whole ordeal pitiful.

“I’m quickly deploying help as fast as I can. Brides can contact Kristin O’Gorman-Klein, she is in charge of web activities at ,” said Duhe.

WW Coolie, Sheryl Davies, feels for the brides and says events like this blacken the eye of all vendors, everywhere.

“Whenever we can offer assistance and lend a helping hand to a bride who has been burned for whatever reason- we as the Water Cooler as doing our job to its highest level. They are our market, our bread and butter and the voices that can make or break a vendor. Way to go, Stacie and Samantha for offering resources. Very cool and mensch-like.”


Sources tell eWedNewz Brian Lawrence is quietly crying foul over the eWedNewz coverage. Attempts to contact Lawrence were unsuccessful by press time.




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