Dessy Selling Direct to Consumers Online is New Old Newz

By Paul Pannone

Accusations against the IBMA and its board members continue to grow louder now that Steve Lang moves his campaign forward to fight Chinese websites from poaching American consumers. Ineptitude at the highest level of the organization is now replaced by total arrogance, as the president, Alan Dessy, continues to remain silent.

So far, unsubstantiated allegations and claims by all sides are looked at by eWedNewz with no real confirmation of any real wrong doing other than total stupidity in some areas. But in the investigation we’ve found the blatant  direct sale of goods to consumers by an American manufacturer whose owner is the head of the organization.


The Dessy Group sells direct to consumers; so what? In 2005 Dessy pulled down the page when we reported direct sale of After Six men’s tuxedos.

Throughout the coverage of the China piracy story repeated attempts by this newZ source to contact Alan Dessy remain ignored. Growing frustration among competing wedding dress manufacturers say Dessy and other board members should resign because of his arrogance, ongoing silence and varied reasons surrounding the suspect organization. Now with the latest newZ the pressure dramatically increases.

“Here is the line that makes what Dessy is doing (and Jessica McClintock for another example) clearly unethical.  They are using their corporate “manufacture focused” website (the same website that is used by consumers to find Full Service Specialty Stores) to sell products directly to the consumer.  If Dessy wants to open a retail store and list his retail store as a place where consumers can purchase, then that is fine; he has decided to “go into retail”.  He can even create a “Dessy the Retailer” website where consumers can order the product from his retail store on the retail store website.  But to use his “Dessy the Manufacturer” website for that purpose?  Not only unethical, but downright STUPID!” according to Sal Macaluso.

In an ongoing eWedNewz Poll over 80% of respondents so far say manufacturers should not open their own retail stores; 14% say it’s alright to do so.

Macaluso and several hundred other related wedding dress manufacturing sources were copied on an eWedNewz email to Alan Dessy asking the following:

Mr. Dessy,

Following my normal policy and numerous (ignored) attempts to reach you I am once again giving you the opportunity to respond to the following information before I publish it on eWedNewz;


In the email Dessy was reminded of another time he was caught selling After Six tuxedos online when the company, headed by Bob Bennett, still existed. Bennett regarded Dessy as an excellent marketer and way ahead of his time. But when E-Formal News, a reporting source to the tuxedo business, reported the online, direct sale of After Six men’s tuxedos to consumers in 2005, Dessy pulled down the page.

According to several respected sources included in the email, Dessy is truly an innovator and smart to think ahead, given the challenges facing the wedding dress business. eWedNewz continues our investigation into foreign sources poaching American consumers and so far we find their services improving since they began invading the country in the 1970′s. The only blame put on Dessy is his decision to head an organization of bridal dress manufacturers and not tend to his own business; running it any way he sees fit.

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Warshaw Outburst called Rickshaw Driven


By Paul Pannone

An outburst by Larry Warshaw pointing the finger  at Steve Lang as a loose cannon sent reverberation throughout the wedding dress business. Lang declared war on websites that pirate American designs and products, selling cheap designs to consumers, causing disruption to the American market.

The unexpected outburst from Warshaw was the culmination of frustration shown by email exchanges alluding to an ambiguous plan in place he feels is now impeded by Lang’s campaign. According to Warshaw Lang should give up his fight and fold into his plan that begun months earlier. According to sources Warshaw has taken a new direction apart from the IBMA that reportedly has $250,000 dollars in the till that needs to be spent.


Warshaw-Rickshaw? Too many inconsistencies raise questions to why Warshaw decided to act on his own and why the IBMA president, Alan Dessy, remains invisible.


Lang told eWedNewz he became frustrated and tired of waiting for the board to act.

“They’ve dragged their feet for years now, while the industry is in serious peril from these off-shore forces,” according to Lang.

Lang told eWedNewz he’s frustrated again at Warshaw’s decision to blast him and cause further confusion at a very serious time in the wedding dress business.

Lang’s efforts have already raised nearly $100,000 dollars in pledges and commitments to help unify the business and fight against the assault. He’s adequately kept the business informed of how contacts in the United States will be leveraged to fend off the attacks and cut off funds through financial institutions.

According to a growing number of sources Lang’s plan makes the most sense– more than Warshaw’s. Some of the worst critics begin to suspect hidden agendas alleging the aid and abetting of foreign companies. But, as a whole, the majority of sources say they’re in favor of all sides combining to fight off the problems in a unified way.

Sal Macaluso of gave the following statement in reply to recent eWedNewz coverage;


Larry Warshaw’s idea of resolving the problem was a good one, but it pales under the efforts that Steve Lang has instigated.  Until Steve stepped up and coordinated a concerted (and expensive!) effort Larry’s idea might have been the best way to go; it is clearly no longer the best plan on the table.

Unfortunately, their efforts are mutually exclusive.  Larry’s idea was to catch the factories red handed, Steve’s idea is to stop them cold; I ask you, whose idea is better?  Of course it is Steve’s.

The more effective that Steve’s plan is in stopping the recalcitrant factories from shipping “out the back door” the less effective Larry’s efforts will be to catch those factories that would have been shipping “out the back door” if they did not know that there were efforts in place to stop them.  I can see why Larry is upset.  Larry is quoted on your website (from an email that he sent to Steve) as saying, “You are damaging the efforts and research we are doing overseas.” He is absolutely correct when he says that Steve’s efforts are thwarting his efforts, but to what end?  To institute a more effective plan!

I truly hope that Larry and all of the IBMA board members will rethink the wisdom of their strategy and consider putting their support behind this new plan.  There is no question that this is now the best option on the table; it’s really as simple as that.  It’s unfortunate that Larry and Steve have other baggage; nonetheless, I hope for the sake of the industry, that Larry and the other IBMA members will be willing to let bygones be bygones and get onboard with this new more effective strategy.”

eWedNewz has learned there is no love lost between Macaluso and Lang, showing further that although Lang’s grandstanding approach to self-promotion is loathed by many, he’s still regarded as a man who cleans up well and knows how to get things done. For critics to support Lang speaks volumes.

eWedNewz continues our investigation into why the IBMA president has not come forward to support either plan.

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