You Say You Want a Revolution? Get a Job First


By Paul Pannone

eWedNewz readers and members of the Wedding water Cooler weighed in on the occupy  movement that’s taking the country by storm. Splintered groups, fragmented information and leadership, coupled with the lack of a clearly defined message alludes some eWNz readers that raise questions but say they’re getting fewer answers.



 So far, no clear leader in the movement has delivered a lucid message.


 “I dig a little deeper each day to understand exactly what the Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to accomplish by its efforts. I’ve talked to ordinary people who work on Wall Street to determine if they can provide answers. They can’t. To them, the movement is a grand inconvenience. Based upon comments by people I know and trust, I should support the movement but I won’t — many people won’t — until someone serving as a spokesperson makes as statement regarding the goals and objectives of the movement.

Since I don’t know what or who started the movement, I have no idea when or how it will end. OK. Fine. The news media tells us that it’s about “the people” taking control of the government and financial institutions instead of the other way around. Is this speculation or fact? Further, there’s no way for this kind of change to happen with the stroke of a pen. Does that mean that Wall Street will be occupied for the rest of my life?,” says Jim Duhe  of WWC.


Duhe another Wedding Water Cooler members try to listen and understand what the confrontation is all about. On the far side of conservatism, people like Sean Hannity simply dismiss the movement, interviewing guests that are unable to express themselves. When they trip over their words, Hannity steps on what they say and makes them sound foolish.


The Beatles sang about Revolution in the late 1960’s. They had two songs called Revolution. This one gave a succinct, lucid message: change. 

Revolution #9 is a mangled mess of ideas, thoughts and garble; same band, same theme but fewer people understood this version, unless of course you took some LSD before listening.


Conservatives like Hannity, Mark Levin and others placate to their audience that support and share their views but do not take the time to at least listen to what’s being said by their guests that may oppose them.



Some of the most creative people in the Wedding Water Cooler, including Samantha Goldberg, seems torn with the movement.

“This becomes a very difficult subject. Those who do well, sadly, are taking the biggest beating. The majority of what we have today is either old money or boomer dough. There is no “middle”. I have a problem watching those who may not be as fortunate (as me) but yet continue the same “360” in life; never-changing, except to complain more. They have always been reactive, not proactive. They’re the same old thing type of folks and yet want more for doing the same old thing. If you continue that way you might as well dig your grave now’ according to Goldberg.As sympathetic as Goldberg is to the less fortunate, she supports fellow WWC member, Khalilah Olokunola that said Sorry but if you don’t have a job blame yourself. “It’s the truth..whether they want to believe it or not,” feels Goldberg.

 The biggest question so far is how do the protestors find the time to do what they’re doing. Shouldn’t they be looking for a job and if they are employed how do they keep their job?




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