Looking Past Lengthy Emails and Ridiculous Rants WWC Rocks the Wedding World


By Paul Pannone

Discussions, activity, general interest and growth this week for eWedNewz stories and information came at a usually very slow time of the year. Follow, friend requests and recommendations in all social media channels were  up, attributed to the stand taken in the Wedding Water Cooler by some of its members. At the end of long-winded rants, incessant emails and endless bitching, discussions clearly say the wedding business will undergo some major changes in 2012.

In June, WWC member, Jim Duhe, went on a rant against his competitors for actions that always existed at the company. For various reasons Duhe says his ex-employer, Condé Nast, remains secluded from the rest of the wedding business and reality.

“It boggles the mind that no matter how obvious a topic is they march to the beat of their own drum,” according to Duhe.

Duhe is not alone, as other ex-Conde Culture veterans that refused to drink the Kool-aide in their time with the company watch them struggle. Some wonder when (if) they’ll ever realize the world they once ruled has changed– forever. Duhe and ex-Con-dies say they’re amazed with one particular event in 2011. When eWedNewz managed to get a reply fro Conde Cast, ex-employees of the company said it’s unprecedented.

“You got them to respond and it’s truly an event in the wedding business; congratulations,” said Jacqueline Johnson.

The end of Get Married came in 2011 and eWedNewz was there to cover the story. Since 2009 our investigation and reporting raised questions involving the health and management of the company. Specifics brought to light by astute members of the Wedding Water Cooler with expert knowledge of why wedding websites, as a business, are flawed gave valuable insight and took the story to a conclusion. Along the way eWNz coverage saved advertisers time, effort and money– warning them of the trouble ahead.

In 2011 the Wedding Water Cooler even got political, discussing the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some of the cooler members decided early on there would be no story here. The movement lacked a clear, succinct mission and rambled on for months.


The war of the wedding websites continues, as eWedNewz readers and onlookers say there could be more websites than vendors next season.



Like Occupy Wall Street the format at WWC is very liberal, free and easy. However unlike OWS, no one can deny the impact Wedding Water Cooler has in the wedding business. The current coverage of questionable actions of wedding websites that are directory listings with message boards could lead to changes for wedding vendors that have tried for year to plead their case against bad reviews some say are false.

Wedding Water Coolie, Samantha Goldberg, called out Wedding Wire for a review she says is unwarranted. In lengthy, sometimes rambling emails numbering in the hundreds, Goldberg sticks her neck out for vendors shes feels cannot speak for themselves.

“It’s true; these are good people who don’t have a voice or way to fight some of the injustices that exist. It’s not about money, it’s not about a single review, it’s not about me– it’s about what’s right and what’s wrong,” she told eWedNewz.

Goldberg gave Wedding Wire an Ultimatum; to take down the wrongful review, or else. She even commented and admitted her emails are too lengthy with yet another long explanation. D-day is tomorrow with all eyes on Goldberg to see exactly what she will do. What will Wedding Wire do?

“It seems to me that the new investors in Wedding Wire have little option than to somehow address this issue. How unlikely is it that they will simply ignore it and hope it goes away? It’s going to be very interesting,” said Jim Duhe today.


An interview with Stephanie at FH Weddings in Tampa, FL, explained the thoughts behind the comment she made to Goldberg’s efforts against vendor postings. Stephanie replied:

“I couldn’t agree more!  I am ecstatic that someone is stepping in to speak up for all the vendors who want to uphold their reputation against wrong accusations.  Vendors have very little say in disputing a clients wrongful claims.  The client has way more say then the vendor which is WRONG.   I support you Samantha and I know lots of other top vendors that will as well!”

According to Stephanie and a growing number of eWedNewz vendor readers, she too was the subject of a bad review. Stephanie blames miscommunication with a client several years ago for a bad review that took up too much time and effort to rectify.

“I went back and forth with a client that ended up not using us and she ended up writing something that was not correct on the Knot. It took me a long time to try to get the posting corrected and it took up a lot of my time that I’d rather invest in helping clients, not trying to rectify wrongful information,” she told eWedNewz.

Clearly, you could hear the frustration in Stephanie’s voice and that of others contacting this newZ source. Whether Samantha Goldberg is successful in getting Wedding Wire to remove, edit or even address a single review is doubtful. But one thing is for cure; all wedding directory websites are on notice after the eWedNewz coverage and Wedding Water Cooler scrutiny.




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