New Study says Childhood Dreams Aren’t Forever– Half the Time (POLL)


By Paul Pannone

A new study by David’s Bridal suggests childhood dreams evolve and revolve around changes that take place from childhood into adulthood.

According to the survey:

Childhood Dreams Aren’t Forever: Women’s style changes over time and tastes change. For nearly half of brides (47%), their wedding dress is nothing like what they pictured when they were young.


The should and should not of wedding planning. A survey by David’s Bridal says almost half of bridal dress purchases differ from childhood tastes. Where do you fit in?


The David’s Bridal study agrees with findings from an ongoing eWedNewz study involving all areas of wedding planning, goods and services. At the center of nearly all discussions and interviews people do not want to be told what they “should” wear or what protocol to follow when planning their events. They want to know what the options are but they do not want to be bound by any foregone conclusions made by some author of a book.

 What do you say?


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